WhatsApp is used by over 2 billion people worldwide, and it’s a great platform for instant messaging, voice and video calls, and sharing videos, images, and other files. Sometimes, we accidentally delete important videos from our WhatsApp chat and lose them forever. But don’t worry, in this blog post, we will discuss how to recover deleted videos from WhatsApp chats.

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Why You Need to Recover Videos from WhatsApp Chat

There are many reasons why you may need to recover deleted videos from WhatsApp chat. Maybe you accidentally deleted a video that contains important information or memories. Maybe you want to recover a video that you’ve deleted because of insufficient storage space on your device. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to know how to recover deleted videos from WhatsApp chat.

Method 1: Use WhatsApp’s in-app backup feature

WhatsApp has an in-app backup feature that allows you to back up your chats, including videos and other files, to your Google Drive or iCloud account. If you’ve enabled this feature, you can easily restore your deleted videos from the backup:

Step 1: Uninstall WhatsApp from your device.
Step 2: Reinstall WhatsApp and set it up with your phone number.
Step 3: During the setup process, WhatsApp will ask you if you want to restore your chat history.
Step 4: Tap “Restore” and wait for the backup to restore your chat history, including your deleted videos.

– Easy to use and doesn’t require any third-party tools.
– Can restore multiple deleted videos at once.

– Requires you to have previously enabled the in-app backup feature.
– If the backup doesn’t contain the deleted video, you won’t be able to recover it.

Method 2: Use a third-party data recovery tool

If you haven’t enabled the in-app backup feature or if the deleted video isn’t restored by the backup, you can use a third-party data recovery tool to recover the video:

Step 1: Download and install a third-party data recovery tool like EaseUS MobiSaver or Wondershare Dr.Fone on your device.
Step 2: Launch the tool and select “WhatsApp” and “Video” as the type of data you want to recover.
Step 3: Connect your device to your computer and follow the on-screen instructions to scan for deleted videos.
Step 4: Once the scanning is complete, select the deleted video you want to recover and click “Recover”.

– Can recover deleted videos even if you haven’t enabled the in-app backup feature.
– Can recover deleted videos from your device’s internal storage or external SD card.

– May not always be successful in recovering deleted videos.
– Requires you to download and install third-party software, which may not be trustworthy.

Method 3: Ask the sender to share the video again

If the deleted video was sent to you by another WhatsApp user, you can ask them to share the video again:

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp chat with the user who sent the deleted video.
Step 2: Tap on their name at the top of the chat to access their profile.
Step 3: Tap “Media, Links, and Docs” to view all the media files they’ve sent you.
Step 4: Look for the deleted video and ask the sender to share it again.

– Doesn’t require any third-party tools or backups.
– Can be done quickly.

– Requires the sender to have the video file saved on their device.
– The sender may not have the video file anymore.

What to Do If You Can’t Recover Deleted Videos from WhatsApp Chat

If you can’t recover the deleted video using the methods above, there are a few things you can do:

1. Check your device’s trash or recycle bin folder to see if the deleted video is there.
2. Contact WhatsApp support to see if they can help you recover the deleted video.
3. Accept that the video is lost and move on.

Bonus Tip

To avoid losing important videos in the future:

– Enable WhatsApp’s in-app backup feature and set it up to automatically back up your chats to your preferred cloud storage service.
– Archive important chats or individual messages to prevent them from being deleted unintentionally.

5 FAQs

Q1: Can I recover deleted videos from a WhatsApp chat that was deleted?

A: No, once a WhatsApp chat is deleted, all the messages and media files in the chat are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Q2: Why can’t I recover deleted videos using a data recovery tool?

A: Data recovery tools may not always be successful in recovering deleted videos, especially if the videos have been overwritten by new data on your device.

Q3: Can I recover deleted videos from an old WhatsApp backup?

A: Yes, you can restore your WhatsApp chat history from an old backup and recover the deleted videos if they were included in the backup.

Q4: How long does WhatsApp keep backups?

A: WhatsApp keeps backups for up to 1 year. After that, the backups are automatically deleted.

Q5: Can I recover deleted videos from a WhatsApp chat that I’ve archived?

A: Yes, you can recover archived chats and their media files. To do so, you need to unarchive the chat first and then follow the recovery methods listed above.

Final Thoughts

Losing important videos can be frustrating, but with the methods listed above, you have a good chance of recovering your deleted videos from WhatsApp chat. Remember to always enable WhatsApp’s in-app backup feature and archive important chats to prevent unintentional deletion. If you can’t recover the deleted video, don’t worry, there’s always a chance you’ll find it again in the future.

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