Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites with over 1 billion users. It’s a platform where people capture and share daily moments with pictures, videos, and stories. Instagram is also becoming important for business marketing, and communication purposes that’s why it’s important to know how to recover deleted messages on Instagram, especially when someone mistakenly deletes a message and he desperately wants to recover it. In this blog, we will discuss the methods to recover deleted Instagram messages without email.

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Why You Need to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages Without Email

So, why you need to recover deleted Instagram messages without an email? There could be different reasons such as a deleted message may contain important and sensitive information, a message from a loved one that you want to keep, or mistakenly deleting a message. Whatever the reason is, Instagram does provide the opportunity to retrieve deleted messages both with and without an email. In this blog, we will guide you through how to recover deleted Instagram messages without email.

Method 1: Recover Deleted Instagram Messages Through Instagram Updates

Before moving to the methods, let’s first highlight that Instagram saves every message in its database; therefore, there are chances to recover deleted Instagram messages. One of the methods to retrieve deleted messages without using email is via Instagram updates.

Step 1: Open your Instagram app on your device.

Step 2: Go to your profile by clicking on the profile icon.

Step 3: Tap on the three horizontal lines at the right top of the profile screen.

Step 4: Select "Settings" from the menu list and then select "Account".

Step 5: Tap on "Updates" and find any new pending update that is available for your Instagram app. Install that update if it’s available.

Step 6: After installing the new update, open the app and check your inbox. You may see that the messages deleted before are restored.

– Easy and free method to recover deleted Instagram messages.
– No need for a third-party application or service.

– This method may not always work.
– You have to wait for an update to make this method work.

Method 2: Recover Deleted Instagram Messages via DM Request

Instagram allows users to send a direct message request to someone who is not in your following list and the messages often go to the "request" section, which users tend to ignore. You can try to retrieve your deleted messages by searching for them in your DM request folder.

Step 1: Open your Instagram app and go to the profile screen by clicking on your profile icon.

Step 2: Tap on the three horizontal lines at the right top of the profile screen.

Step 3: Scroll down and select "Settings", and then select "Privacy".

Step 4: Scroll down to the "Connections" section and tap on "Restricted Accounts".

Step 5: Search for the person from whom you have deleted the message.

Step 6: You may see the conversation even if the message was deleted.

– It’s free and does not require a third-party application.
– It’s a quick method compared to other methods to recover deleted Instagram messages without using email

– You can only retrieve messages from the people you have restricted.
– Messages will only be displayed if the sender requested to send messages on your account.

Method 3: Recover Deleted Instagram Message through Cache Data

The cache data of mobile applications stores temporary data such as media cache and record of our actions, which can be helpful to recover deleted messages under certain circumstances.

Step 1: Connect your device to a computer or laptop.

Step 2: Open a File Explorer on your computer and navigate to your phone storage.

Step 3: Go to the "Android Folder" in the phone storage.

Step 4: Navigate to the "data" folder, then go to the "" folder.

Step 5: Find the "cache" folder and then open it.

Step 6: Look for a file with the name "messages_cache.db" and copy that file to your computer.

Step 7: Open the copied file with a SQLite database browser.

Step 8: You can find the deleted messages on this file.

– You don’t need to wait for an Instagram update.

– You need to have technical knowledge to retrieve deleted messages.
– If mistakenly any section gets damaged or deleted inside the "cache" folder, then you won’t be able to recover any data.

Method 4: Recover Deleted Instagram Messages via Third-Party Application

There are a lot of third-party recovery applications that can help you recover deleted Instagram messages. These applications use advanced algorithms to recover your deleted messages and require less time and effort.

Step 1: Download and install a third-party application like EaseUS MobiSaver, Dr. Fone.
Step 2: Allow the app to access your phone storage
Step 3: Select the Instagram app and choose “Scan”
Step 4: Once it’s done scanning, select the deleted messages to recover
Step 5: Click on the "Recover" button to save the messages.

– These applications are easy to use and require less effort.
– They can recover messages from different database files.

– Most of the third-party tools don’t come for free.
– You need to be careful in choosing the third-party application. A fake app can harm your device.

What to Do If You Can’t Recover Deleted Instagram Messages?

If all the methods we have listed above are not working for you, the messages might be deleted permanently, or the device cache may be cleared. In that case, consider these fixes:

1. Turn off your device and restart it after a few minutes.

2. Try to check with the person to send that message again.

3. Report the Instagram issue to the support team and explain the reasons why you need to recover the deleted messages.

Bonus Tips

1. Regularly back up your device through iCloud or Google Drive.
2. Don’t use third-party applications from unknown sources to avoid malware.
3. Don’t expect to recover the deleted message after a specific time. Try to recover them as soon as possible.

5 FAQs About Recovering Deleted Instagram Messages without Email

Q1: Can I recover deleted messages on Instagram after one year?

A: No, Instagram does not save messages longer than a year in its servers. Therefore, you cannot recover deleted messages after a year.

Q2: Why are not recovered messages not shown in the Instagram inbox?

A: It usually happens when the Instagram cache has been cleared on your device. Therefore, you need to try other methods to recover them.

Q3: How can I recover messages from a deactivated account?

A: It’s not possible to recover messages from a deactivated account because a deactivated account deletes everything, including media, messages, and profile information.

Q4: Can I retrieve deleted messages sent by the people I haven’t restricted?

A: No, you can’t retrieve deleted messages from someone you haven’t restricted.

Q5: Can Instagram retrieve deleted messages from their database?

A: Instagram support team might be able to retrieve the message for you, but it’s not guaranteed.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is an essential tool for people to connect with the world and share daily moments. However, mistakes happen, and people delete messages from their inbox. Fortunately, Instagram saves messages in its databases, and you can retrieve them with ease. We have listed different methods to recover deleted Instagram messages without using an email and a set of bonus tips that you can use to avoid future messages deletion. It’s crucial to try different methods and select the one that suits you the most.

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