Tiktok, the popular video-sharing app, has become a craze among teenagers and young adults. With its millions of users, it has become a hub for sharing short stories, dance videos, and expressing creativity. However, due to misconceptions or accidents, sometimes users may accidentally delete their Tiktok stories. The question is, can you recover Tiktok videos, and if so, how? In this article, we will explore different methods that can be used to recover deleted Tiktok stories and bring your cherished memories back to life.

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What’s Needed

To recover deleted stories on Tiktok, you will need a computer or smartphone with an internet connection and a Tiktok account linked to the videos you want to recover. You may also need some patience, as some of these methods take time.

What Requires Your Focus?

To recover deleted Tiktok stories, you will need to focus on the method that suits you the best. Different methods work for different people, and you will need to decide which one works best for your situation. Not all methods may work for you, so try multiple methods to ensure maximum chances of successful recovery.

Different Methods to Recover A Deleted Story on Tiktok

Method 1: Recovering from Tiktok Cache Files

Method 1 Pros:

  • Doesn’t require any paid software or third-party app.
  • Easy to follow steps.
  • Can recover deleted stories without any external help.
  • Works in most cases if the video was played from cache before deletion.

Method 1 Cons:

  • May not work if the video was not played before deletion.
  • May not work on videos that were deleted a long time ago.

To recover deleted Tiktok stories using the cached files in the Tiktok app, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Go to your Tiktok profile and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner.
2. Select ‘Settings and Privacy’ > ‘Privacy and Safety’ > ‘Personalization and data.
3. Turn on the ‘Download your data’ option.
4. Once the data request is processed, Tiktok will send a download link to your registered email.
5. Check your email and download the Tiktok data file.
6. Open the downloaded file, extract the zip folder and navigate to the ‘cache’ folder.
7. Using a file manager, sort the files by date modified and locate the mp4 file of the deleted story.
8. Rename the file to its original name (if it was changed) and move it to a new folder.
9. You can now play the recovered video and share it with your friends.

Method 2: Recovering Deleted Stories Using Third-party Recovery Apps

Method 2 Pros:

  • Can recover deleted stories even if they were not cached before deletion.
  • Easy to follow steps.
  • Can recover other types of deleted data like photos and messages.

Method 2 Cons:

  • May not work for all Android and iOS versions.
  • Most apps require payment or subscription to recover deleted videos.

To recover deleted Tiktok stories using third-party recovery apps, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Download a reputable third-party recovery app like EaseUS, Disk Drill, or Dr. Fone.
2. Connect your phone to your computer and open the recovery app.
3. Allow the app to scan your phone for deleted files.
4. Locate the Tiktok folder and select the deleted video you want to recover.
5. Choose the location to save the recovered video and click ‘recover.’
6. Go to the saved location and play the recovered video.
7. Share the video on your Tiktok profile and with your friends.

Method 3: Recovering Deleted Stories Using iCloud Backup (iOS)

Method 3 Pros:

  • Works well only on iOS devices.
  • Can recover deleted stories from the last iCloud backup.

Method 3 Cons:

  • Requires an iCloud backup and may not work if the backup was not taken regularly.
  • May not work for videos deleted before the last iCloud backup.

To recover deleted Tiktok stories using iCloud backup on iOS devices, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Reset’ > ‘Erase All Content and Settings.’
2. Choose ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’ and select the latest backup file.
3. Wait for the restoration process to complete.
4. Open the Tiktok app and check if the deleted story has been restored.
5. Share your recovered video with your friends on Tiktok.

Method 4: Contacting Tiktok Support

Method 4 Pros:

  • Directly contacting Tiktok support can help recover deleted Tiktok stories.

Method 4 Cons:

  • May take time and require follow-ups to get a response from the Tiktok support team.
  • Tiktok may not be able to recover lost stories in some cases.

To recover deleted Tiktok stories by contacting Tiktok support, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Open the Tiktok app and go to your profile by tapping on your profile picture.
2. Tap on the three dots icon at the top right corner of the screen and select ‘Report a problem.’
3. From the available options, select ‘Account and login issues,’ followed by ‘My account was deleted or suspended.’
4. Explain the situation to the support team and provide any necessary information.
5. Wait for a response from the support team and follow their instructions to recover your deleted video.

Why Can’t I Recover A Deleted Story on Tiktok?

Here are some reasons why you may not be able to recover a deleted Tiktok story:

1. Deleted permanently: If you deleted the video permanently, it may be challenging to recover it without a backup.
2. No iCloud backup: If you are using an iOS device and do not have a recent iCloud backup, you may not be able to restore the deleted video even via Method 3.
3. Delayed recovery: If you did not try to recover the deleted video soon after deletion, your chances of successful recovery will decrease.
4. Unsupported software: Some recovery apps may not work on all phone versions or operating systems.
5. Internet connection: Poor internet connection can cause Tiktok to not function properly or not save the stories.

To fix these issues, ensure that you have a backup of your important Tiktok videos and recover them soon after deletion to increase the chances of successful recovery.

Implications and Recommendations

Backing up important Tiktok videos and data regularly can help avoid issues like deleted stories and data loss. It is also essential to try different recovery methods to increase the chances of successful recovery. Moreover, ensuring a stable internet connection can prevent Tiktok from glitches or any other errors.

5 FAQs about Recovering A Deleted Story on Tiktok

Q1: Can I recover a deleted story on Tiktok without a backup?

A: Yes, you can recover deleted Tiktok stories by using third-party recovery apps like EaseUS, Disk Drill or Dr. Fone.

Q2: What should I do if Tiktok support cannot help recover my deleted story?

A: In such cases, you can try using the other mentioned methods or seek assistance from professionals.

Q3: How can I ensure that videos are saved frequently in the Tiktok app?

A: You can go to the ‘Privacy and Safety’ settings and enable options like ‘Save to device’ or ‘Download videos.’

Q4: Can I recover deleted Tiktok stories if the account is deactivated or deleted?

A: If the account is deactivated or deleted, it may not be possible to recover deleted stories.

Q5: Can I recover deleted Tiktok stories if the video was saved in the Cloud or Google Drive?

A: Yes, you can recover deleted Tiktok stories if they were saved in the Cloud or Google Drive.

Final Words

Losing important Tiktok memories can be frustrating, but with the right methods and steps, you can recover deleted stories with ease. We hope this guide has helped you recover your deleted Tiktok stories and preserve your cherished memories. As Tiktok evolves, new methods may become available. Therefore, keep yourself updated for future solutions.

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