Have you ever felt the frustration of accidentally deleting an important message on your phone? Whether it was a message from a loved one or an important business communication, losing that data can be a major setback. Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to recover deleted messages on your phone. In this article, we’ll explore the different ways to get back a message you deleted and help you choose the method that works best for you.

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What’s Needed

Before we dive into the various methods of message recovery, there are a few things you’ll need:

  1. Your mobile device (of course)
  2. The phone number and name of the person whose message you’re trying to recover, if applicable
  3. If you use a cloud service to back up your phone, make sure that it has recently synced
  4. Make sure your phone has enough battery to perform a recovery

What Requires Your Focus?

Message recovery can take some time and effort, depending on the method you choose. You will need to be patient and follow all the steps carefully. It’s also important to note that not all messages can be recovered. If you’ve deleted a message a long time ago, it may have been overwritten by newer data on your phone, making recovery impossible.

Different Methods to Get Back A Message You Deleted

Method 1: Check Your Deleted Messages Folder

If you’re using an iPhone, you can check the recently deleted folder in the messages app to see if your deleted message is still there. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone.
  2. In the conversation list, swipe down and release to refresh the list. This will force Messages to sync with the server and download any messages that have not yet been downloaded to your phone.
  3. Tap on the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder at the bottom of the list.
  4. Find the deleted message you want to recover and tap on it.
  5. Select ‘Recover’ to restore the message back to your inbox.


  • Free and easy to use if you have an iPhone.
  • The recently deleted folder keeps deleted messages for up to 30 days, giving you a window to recover messages you may have accidentally deleted.


  • Only applicable to iPhone users.
  • Any messages older than 30 days may not be recoverable through this method.

Method 2: Restore from iCloud or Google Drive Backup

If you regularly back up your phone to a cloud service like iCloud or Google Drive, you may be able to restore deleted messages by restoring your phone to a previous backup. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings on your phone.
  2. Select ‘General’.
  3. Scroll down and select ‘Reset’.
  4. Select ‘Erase All Content and Settings’.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to erase your phone.
  6. When prompted to set up your phone, choose to restore from a backup.
  7. Select the backup that you want to restore from.


  • If you regularly back up your phone, this method can be an easy way to recover old messages.


  • Erasing all content and settings will delete any new data that was not backed up, such as newly created messages, contacts, or photos.
  • Restoring from an old backup means that all information added since the backup will be lost. This can be a significant disadvantage if you’ve made a lot of changes to your phone since the last backup.

Method 3: Use a Third-Party Data Recovery Tool

If you’ve tried the previous methods and still can’t find the deleted message, you may want to consider using a third-party data recovery tool. These tools use advanced algorithms to scan the device storage and recover any deleted or lost data. Here’s how to use one:

  1. Download and install a third-party data recovery tool like Dr.Fone, EaseUS, or Disk Drill.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  3. Follow the prompts to allow the data recovery tool to access your phone.
  4. Select the type of data you want to recover (in this case, messages).
  5. Scan your phone for deleted messages.
  6. Select the messages you want to recover and export them to your computer or phone.


  • Data recovery tools can find messages that may not have been recovered through the other methods.
  • Tools like Dr. Fone and EaseUS have high success rates and are easy to use, making data recovery accessible for novice users.


  • Third-party data recovery tools often come with a price tag or subscription fee.
  • You’ll need to have enough storage on your computer or phone to export the recovered messages.

Why Can’t I Get Back A Message I Deleted?

There could be several reasons why you can’t recover a message you deleted:

1. The message was deleted too long ago

If the message was deleted a long time ago, it may have been overwritten by newer data on your phone, making recovery impossible.

2. The message was not backed up

If you don’t have a backup of your phone or the app where the message was stored, you may not be able to recover the message.

3. The message was not recoverable through the available methods

Some messages simply cannot be recovered due to technical limitations or software issues.


  • Make sure to regularly back up your phone to a cloud service or via computer to ensure important data isn’t lost forever.
  • If you accidentally deleted a message, immediately check the Recently Deleted folder or use a data recovery tool to avoid overwriting the data with newer information.
  • If necessary, consult with a technical expert to assess the situation and determine the best course of action.

5 FAQs about Getting Back A Message You Deleted

Q1: Are all deleted messages recoverable?

A: No, not all deleted messages can be recovered. If the message was deleted a long time ago or was not backed up, it may be impossible to recover.

Q2: Can I use data recovery software on an Android or iOS device?

A: Yes, both Android and iOS devices have several data recovery software options available.

Q3: Can I recover a message that was deleted from a third-party messaging app?

A: Yes, you can use a data recovery tool or the cloud backup method to restore messages from third-party messaging apps.

Q4: What happens if I restore my phone from a backup?

A: Restoring your phone from a backup means that all information added since the backup will be lost. This can include newly saved messages, app data, and photos.

Q5: How long does a data recovery scan take?

A: The time it takes to scan your device for deleted messages depends on the amount of data on your device, the speed of your computer, and the data recovery tool being used. However, it usually takes between 10 minutes to an hour.

In Conclusion

Deleting an important message can be frustrating, but thankfully, there are several methods to recover it. Whether you use the recently deleted folder, cloud backup, or a third-party data recovery tool, we hope our guide has helped guide you in recovering your deleted messages. Remember to regularly backup your phone to avoid losing data and to act quickly to increase the chances of successful message recovery.

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