Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps worldwide. With millions of users, it’s no surprise that some accounts get deleted for various reasons. But what happens to those deleted accounts? Is there a way to find them? In this article, we will explore different methods to find deleted Instagram accounts and the necessary precautions you should take.

Have you ever wondered how you can find deleted Instagram accounts? Whether it’s a beloved celebrity account or an account you were following, it can be frustrating to realize that the account is no longer available. Sometimes, the deletion is unintentional, while at times, it’s a deliberate move from the user. Either way, knowing the methods to find deleted Instagram accounts will come in handy.

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What’s Needed

To find Instagram accounts that have been deleted, you need the following:

  • Access to the internet from any device
  • An Instagram account
  • The Instagram username of the deleted account

In case you don’t know the username, it can be challenging to find a deleted account since it’s not visible on the platform. There are different methods to find deleted Instagram accounts, but they all require a username.

What Requires Your Focus?

Before delving into the different methods to find deleted Instagram accounts, it’s essential to highlight some crucial factors. First, it’s important to determine whether the account owner deactivated or deleted their account. The two scenarios have different implications, and the methods to find them differ as well.

You should also be cautious when using these methods as they may require sharing personal information. Additionally, some methods involve using third-party apps that may compromise your data’s privacy and security. Ensure you thoroughly vet such apps and their developers.

Different Methods to Find Instagram Accounts That Have Been Deleted

Method 1: Using Google Cache

Google Cache is an excellent option to find deleted Instagram accounts since it stores previous versions of web pages. When a user deletes their Instagram account, the profile page might still be available on Google Cache. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Launch your preferred browser
  • Type in "" in the search box and hit enter
  • Select the arrow next to the username on the profile page and click on "Copy Profile URL"
  • Open the Google website in another tab and paste the URL in the search box
  • Select the downward arrow next to the URL and click on "Cached"
  • You should be redirected to the previous version of the profile page
  • If the account was deleted less than 24 hours ago, the cached version may not be available yet


  • It’s free
  • You don’t need to download any third-party apps


  • It may not work if the account was deleted a long time ago
  • You need to know the Instagram username of the deleted account
  • The Google Cache page may not have all the information from the Instagram profile

Method 2: Using Instagram’s Search Bar

If the deleted account had a unique username, it’s possible that other Instagram users may have tagged or mentioned the account in their posts or comments. You can use Instagram’s search bar to find such posts, and consequently, the deleted account. Here’s how:

  • Open your Instagram app or website on your preferred device
  • Click on the search icon and type in the deleted account’s username
  • If other users have mentioned or tagged the account, their posts or comments will appear
  • You can then click on the username, and you will be directed to the deleted account’s previous post


  • You can find deleted accounts even without a cached page
  • You don’t need to download any third-party apps


  • It may not work if the deleted account had an unremarkable username
  • You need to have a good memory of the deleted account’s username
  • The method may display irrelevant results

Method 3: Using Third-Party Apps

There are several third-party apps that claim to help find deleted Instagram accounts. Some of these apps include MetaCert, SocialSearcher, and Wayback Machine. While they may be useful, some of these apps may require you to provide personal information or download other apps. Here are the steps to follow when using third-party apps:

  • Search for "Instagram Account Recovery" apps on your preferred app store
  • Select a credible app, read through their terms and conditions, and click on the download button
  • Ensure you provide only relevant information required to find the deleted account
  • Follow the app’s instructions to find the deleted account


  • Some apps are user-friendly
  • They may provide additional features like monitoring your Instagram account


  • They may compromise your data
  • Not all apps deliver on their promises
  • Some apps require in-app purchases to access features

Method 4: Contacting Instagram Support

Lastly, you can contact Instagram support to help you find a deleted account. However, this is limited to special cases like cyberbullying, impersonation, or security breaches. Instagram support may request additional information like your device type, email address, and the deleted account’s username to assist you.


  • You can get professional assistance from Instagram, and the process is secure
  • You can help remove malicious accounts that were previously deleted


  • It may take long for Instagram support to act on your request
  • The service may not be available for non-critical cases
  • You need to provide personal information to Instagram support

Why Can’t I Find a Deleted Instagram Account?

Several reasons could limit your ability to find a deleted Instagram account. Here are a few potential reasons:

1. The User Deactivated Their Account

If an Instagram user deactivates their account, their profile page, posts, and comments will not be visible on the platform.

2. The User Permanently Deleted Their Account

If a user permanently deletes their Instagram account, it’s challenging to find the deleted account. Instagram erases the user’s activity, including the profile page, posts, and comments, when they permanently delete the account.

3. The User Changed Their Username

It’s possible that the deleted account owner changed their username, making it impossible to find the account using their previous username.


  • You can contact Instagram support and raise a case related to the deleted account in some instances
  • You can use methods like Google Cache or third-party apps to find cached versions of the deleted account

Implications and Recommendations


  • The methods to find deleted Instagram accounts may compromise your data
  • The accuracy of the methods depends on several factors
  • The methods may not work if the deleted account owner deleted their account permanently or changed their username


  • Only use credible third-party apps to find deleted accounts
  • Don’t provide more personal information than is necessary to find a deleted account
  • Use methods that don’t require downloading third-party apps
  • Report any suspicious accounts

5 FAQs About Finding Deleted Instagram Accounts

Q1: Can I find a deleted Instagram account if I don’t know the username?

A1: It’s nearly impossible to find a deleted Instagram account if you don’t know its username. Consider checking the account owner’s other social media profiles or asking their friends if they know the username.

Q2: Can I recover a deleted Instagram account?

A2: It’s not always possible to recover a deleted Instagram account. However, if you deactivated your account and want to reactivate it, use your login credentials to sign in, and your account should be active again.

Q3: Can deleted Instagram accounts still appear on Google?

A3: Google may still have cached versions of deleted Instagram accounts. You can use Google Cache to find such accounts.

Q4: Is it legal to use third-party apps to find deleted Instagram accounts?

A4: It’s legal to use third-party apps to find deleted Instagram accounts. However, ensure you use credible apps to avoid compromising your data’s privacy and security.

Q5: Can I find a deleted Instagram account if it was hacked?

A5: It depends on the extent of the hack. In some cases, Instagram support may assist in finding a deleted account. Otherwise, consider using the Google Cache or third-party apps to find cached profiles.

Final Words

Finding deleted Instagram accounts may seem challenging, but with the right methods, it’s possible. Be cautious when using third-party apps and ensure you provide only relevant information. You can also try contacting Instagram support to help find deleted accounts in special cases. Remember to take necessary precautions like reporting suspicious accounts and limiting the information you share online.

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