Instagram is a widely used social media platform that allows users to share their pictures and videos. Apart from this, you can also explore other user’s posts, follow their profiles, and search for different topics to find relevant content. But, Instagram stores all your activity on the app, including the search history. This may not always be favorable if you want to keep your privacy secure. In this article, we will guide you on how to delete your search history in Instagram.

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The Challenge of How to Delete Your Search History in Instagram

Instagram is not very explicit when it comes to deleting your search history. Unlike other options that are easily accessible, Instagram has not made this feature easy to find. You cannot delete your search history through your account’s settings. However, with a few steps, you can quickly get rid of your search history, and we are here to help.

Things You Should Prepare for

Before proceeding to delete your Instagram search history, there are a few things you need to prepare. Ensure that you have:

  • Your phone with the latest Instagram app version installed
  • Your Instagram username and password

Method 1: Deleting Your Instagram Search History Via Instagram App

Instagram has an option to clear search history within the app, but the process is a bit hidden. Follow these steps to quickly delete your search history on Instagram app:

Step 1: Open your Instagram app

Step 2: Navigate to your profile page

Step 3: Click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner

Step 4: Select Settings at the button of the page

Step 5: Scroll down and choose Security

Step 6: Tap on the Clear Search History option

Step 7: You will be prompted to confirm your action; click Yes


  • Quick and easy process
  • You don’t have to install third-party apps


  • The location of the clear search history option is not explicit, making it hard to find

Method 2: Deleting Your Instagram Search History Via Setting App

This method involves resetting your phone’s advertising identifier, which is an Android and iOS device identifier that keeps track of your ad data, including your search history. Follow these steps to reset your advertising identifier:

Step 1: Open your Settings app

Step 2: Scroll down and select Google or Privacy (for iPhone)

Step 3: Choose Ads or Advertisements (for iPhone)

Step 4: Click on Reset Advertising ID. A prompt will come up asking you to confirm the action.


  • Resets your advertising identifier, thus deleting your search history


  • Reseting your advertising identifier may result in you being bombarded by advertisers with relevant ads.
  • This method affects more than your Instagram search history, which may not be ideal for privacy-conscious individuals.

Method 3: Deleting Your Instagram Search History Via Third-Party App

Another option to delete your search history is through third-party apps. One of the best options is Cleaner for Instagram. Follow these steps to delete your Instagram search history via third-party apps:

Step 1: Download the Cleaner for Instagram app from your app store

Step 2: Login to your Instagram account via the app

Step 3: Click on the three horizontal line to the top right corner of the app, then select Account Analytics

Step 4: Choose Search History, and a list of all the things you have searched for will be displayed

Step 5: Click on the three-dot icon, then press Delete All Search History


  • You don’t have to go through the lengthy process of resetting your advertising identifier
  • You can manage other feature besides merely clearing your search history, like keeping track of your followings and followers


  • You may have to pay to remove ads on the app, depending on your preference.
  • Using third-party apps comes with a risk of privacy breaches, which may expose users to malware and fraud activities.

Why Can’t I Delete My Search History?

It is not uncommon to experience difficulties in deleting your search history on Instagram. Here are some of the reasons why you may have trouble deleting your search history and how to fix them:

1. Instagram’s Search History Feature

If you cannot clear your search history through the above methods, it is possible that Instagram is experiencing glitches on their app, which they are promptly working on. Try the methods outlined above in a bit to fix the issue.

2. You Are Using An Old Version of Instagram

If you are using an outdated version of the Instagram app, there is a possibility that some of the features won’t work as expected. Update your app to the latest version and try clearing your search history again.

3. You Are Not Connected to the Internet

Instagram requires an internet connection for most of its features to work, including clearing your search history. Ensure you are connected to the internet, and if the problem persists, try restarting your phone and clearing your search history again.

Additional Tips

To stay in control of your privacy on Instagram, here are some additional tips:

  • Regularly clear your search history on Instagram
  • Set your Instagram account to private, making it harder for people to find your account
  • Block, mute or report users that make you feel uncomfortable on Instagram

5 FAQs about How to Delete Your Search History in Instagram

Q1: Can I make Instagram not track my search history?

A: Unfortunately, Instagram does not have a feature that allows you to turn off search history tracking. However, you can clear your search history regularly.

Q2: Will clearing my search history on Instagram affect my followers or who I follow?

A: No, clearing your search history on Instagram only affects the Instagram search function. It does not affect your followers or who you follow.

Q3: Can I recover deleted Instagram search history?

A: No, once you have deleted your Instagram search history, you cannot recover it.

Q4: Will my following list disappear when I clear my search history?

A: No, clearing your search history has nothing to do with the following list. It only affects the search history.

Q5: What happens if I delete my Instagram account?

A: If you delete your Instagram account, all your data, including your search history, will be permanently deleted.

In Conclusion

Clearing your search history on Instagram may seem difficult, but it is a necessary step to enhance your privacy and security on the app. The three methods outlined above are just what you need to quickly and efficiently clear your search history. Practice the additional tips provided to take full control of your Instagram privacy.

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