Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social networks, allowing users to stay connected with friends and family across the globe. The platform also hosts a massive collection of videos, ranging from entertainment to educational content. Occasional privacy concerns could urge you to remove the videos you’ve watched on Facebook. This article details the steps in deleting the videos you’ve watched on Facebook.

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What’s Needed

To delete the videos you’ve watched on Facebook, you’ll need a Facebook account and an internet-enabled device.

What Requires Your Focus?

You need to focus on the following to delete the videos you watched on Facebook:

  • Understand the steps correctly to avoid deleting the wrong videos
  • Be sure to Pick out every video you want to delete
  • Ensure that the video meets the necessary criteria for deletion

Different Methods to Delete The Videos You Watched on Facebook

Method 1: Via Activity Log

The Activity Log is a tool provided on Facebook that helps you manage every activity on your account. At the site, you can view videos and remove them instantly. Below is the guide on how to access the activity log on Facebook:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account from any browser on your device
  2. Look for the inverted triangle icon at the top right corner of the page and click on it.
  3. Select the “activity log” option from the drop-down menu
  4. You will find a list of activities performed on your account. Locate and click the “Video Searches” tab on the left menu
  5. View all the video searches you have carried out on Facebook and identify those you wish to delete
  6. Click on the selected video and look for the pencil icon to the right of the screen. Click on it
  7. Select “Delete” and confirm the process by clicking “Okay."


  • It’s a straightforward way to delete the videos you’ve watched on Facebook.
  • The Activity Log gives an overview of all Facebook activities; thus, you can identify many videos faster.


  • You may take more time to locate specific videos.
  • The activity log may accumulate with time, making it challenging to identify video searches, especially on an account with multiple activities

Method 2: Via Video Rating

Another simple way to identify the videos you’ve watched on Facebook is through ratings. On the platform, you can rate videos using a scroller bar that appears after the video. If you rated any video in the recent past, the system logs the ratings in your account. To delete the videos via Video Rating, follow these methods:

  1. Login to your Facebook account from any browser on your device
  2. Locate the ‘Video Rating’ tab placed under the ‘Activity and Timeline’ option drop-down at the top of the page.
  3. Tap the tab to display all the rated videos present in your account.
  4. Locate and select the rated video you want to remove.
  5. Click on the menu content and then select "Delete Video."
  6. Confirm the process by selecting "Okay."


  • This method provides an easier way to identify the videos you’ve rated on Facebook.
  • Removing rated videos is an easy process.


  • It is challenging to delete videos if you have not rated them previously.
  • The platform cares less about ratings, making it challenging to find a video that you have liked or disliked in the past.

Method 3: Via Video Library

The Video Library provides a platform where you can manage all the videos, including the ones you’ve watched on Facebook. Follow the guide below to delete videos via Video Library:

  1. Login to your Facebook account from any browser on your device.
  2. Click on the ‘Facebook Watch’ option placed on the left side of your news feed
  3. Choose the “Your Videos” tab to view all videos on the account.
  4. Select and click on the video you intend to remove
  5. Tap the "Delete Video" option on the top right corner of the page and click "Okay" to confirm.


  • It’s one of the easiest methods of identifying and deleting videos on Facebook, thanks to the Video Library’s simplicity.
  • The Video Library archive every video watched on Facebook, thus offering a complete deletion solution.


  • It may be difficult to see every video on your account, causing you to overlook some videos you watched on Facebook.
  • Misidentifying the videos on your account could lead you to delete the wrong video accidentally.

Method 4: Via The Videos’ Publisher

Another conventional way of deleting videos you have watched on Facebook is through its publisher feature. This feature allows video owners to store details of each video they’ve published. Follow the steps outlined below to delete videos via the publisher:

  1. Login to your Facebook account from any browser on your device.
  2. Select the “Videos” icon to access all the videos on your account
  3. Identify and click on the video you intend to remove. A full display of the video’s details will appear.
  4. Locate the video’s publisher and click on it to view the "Settings" option.
  5. Click the "Settings" option and select the "Delete" button
  6. Click "Okay" to confirm the process.


  • If you regularly interact with specific video publishers, this method is an effective way of deleting their videos on Facebook.
  • Removing a published video is an easy and straightforward process.


  • This method could lead you to delete other videos published by the same account.
  • The Time taken to identify the publisher could delay the video removal process.

Method 5: Via Video Navigation

Navigation through the videos you watched on Facebook is another way of identifying and removing the specific video. Although the method may take some time to find individual videos, it’s a reliable method. Below are the steps to delete videos through video navigation:

  1. Login your Facebook account from any browser on your device
  2. Click the "Videos" tab located on the left side of the home page
  3. Choose ‘’Your Videos" from the submenu option
  4. Scroll down to identify the specific video you intend to delete
  5. Click the three dots on the video’s visualization panel
  6. Select "Delete" from the menu.
  7. Confirm the process by selecting “Okay.”


  • This method is a reliable way of deleting the videos you’ve watched on Facebook.
  • It also presents an opportunity to identify other relevant videos saved on your account.


  • It takes longer to find specific videos if you have a vast collection.
  • Deleting videos via navigating through the video window could make you delete the wrong video.

Why Can’t I Delete Videos I’ve watched on Facebook?

Here is a list of reasons why you may be unable to delete videos you’ve watched on Facebook and what to do:

  • 1. The video belongs to another user: You can only delete videos you upload on Facebook. Request the video’s owner to delete it or untag you from the video.
  • 2. Video Deletion Time: You may not be able to remove the video if the duration for video deletion has elapsed. Try deleting it from the Activity Log.
  • 3. System Error: The video may not delete due to a system malfunction. Attempt to log out and on your account or delete the video after some time.

Implications and Recommendations

The Facebook platform stores valuable personal information, including videos watched, making its removal an essential security practice. Below are some recommendations:

  • 1. Regularly Perform Deletion: Deleting your watched videos from Facebook is a crucial step to maintain your online identity. Regularly perform this action to avoid data breaches.
  • 2. Review Privacy Settings: Reviewing your Facebook privacy settings reduces data breaches risks and maintaining your online privacy.
  • 3. End Online Activity: Always end your online activity on all connected devices to protect your account from unauthorized access.

5 FAQs about Deleting Facebook Videos

Q1: How long does Facebook store videos I watched?

A: For the most part, Facebook stores details about videos watched for up to two years. After that timeline elapses, you can no longer perform Video deletion, and the platform automatically clears its database.

Q2: Can I delete a video I shared from another user?

A: No. You cannot delete a video shared by another user. Instead, request the user to delete it or untag you from the video.

Q3: Why can’t I delete video searches from Facebook’s activity log?

A: You can fail to delete video searches if the removal duration elapses. If the video still appears in the Activity Log, try deleting it from the Videos Library.

Q4: What’s the fastest method to delete Facebook videos?

A: The fastest way to delete videos on Facebook is via the Video Library. Its archive stores all videos performed on your account, making deletion easier.

Q5: Does video deletion from Facebook’s Video Library affect any of my other data on the platform?

A: No, deleting videos from Facebook’s Video Library will affect your other data on the platform.

Final Words

Deleting videos watched on Facebook is an essential privacy protection practice that every Facebook user should consider. It not only reduces data breaches but also helps maintain effective security measures. Each method outlined above is a suitable option; choose the one that suits you best. Try using the recommended steps to delete videos you watched on Facebook periodically for the best results.

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