If you are a music lover, you must know what iTunes is. It is an essential component of Apple devices and allows you to manage, purchase and play music, movies or TV shows. Over time, we all collect a massive library of songs on our iTunes, but not all of them turn out to be our favorites. And we end up with the cluttered music library, which can be frustrating when you are finding something specific. That is why you should consider deleting songs that no longer spark joy.

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What’s Needed

Before you get to deleting your songs, make sure you have these things:

– Your Apple device (MacBook, desktop or laptop)
– An Apple ID associated with your iTunes
– An internet connection

What Should I Pay Attention to?

Before starting the deletion process, there are some essential tips you should keep in mind:

– iTunes will delete the selected songs permanently, and you won’t be able to recover them, so make sure you have marked the right songs.
– The deleted songs will also be removed from your iCloud music library, so be careful while making your selection.
– This guide will only focus on deleting songs from your iTunes library for Mac and Windows, and not for other Apple devices.
– Make sure that you have backed up your iTunes library to avoid losing your music completely.

Method 1: Manually Removing Songs from iTunes

Removing songs manually is the most basic and straightforward way to declutter your iTunes library. Follow these simple steps:

1. Open iTunes on your Mac device.
2. Select the song or songs you want to remove.
3. Right-click on the selected song and click on "Delete from Library."
4. A message box will appear asking for your confirmation. Click on the "Delete Song" option.
5. The song will be deleted from your iTunes library.


– Easy and straightforward method.
– No additional software or tools required.


– This method is time-consuming, especially if you have a long list of songs to delete.

Method 2: Using keyboard shortcuts

If you are someone who likes to navigate through their computer using keyboard shortcuts, then this method will suit you best.

1. Similar to method 1, select the song or songs you want to delete.
2. Press the "command" and "delete" keys on your Mac.
3. A message box will appear asking for your confirmation. Click on the "Delete Song" option.
4. The song will be deleted from your iTunes library.


– Saves time and easy to use.
– No additional software or tools required.


– Only suitable for Mac users.
– Not beginner-friendly.

Method 3: Using Third-party Apps

If you have an extensive music library and are looking for a faster way to delete songs, then using third-party apps will solve your problem. In this guide, we will be using the "TunesGo" app.

1. Download and install the TunesGo app on your Mac or Windows device.
2. Launch the app and connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.
3. Select the "Music" option on the left side of the screen.
4. Choose the songs you want to delete by clicking the checkboxes next to their names.
5. Click the "Delete" button, followed by "Yes" to confirm the deletion.
6. The app will delete the songs from your iTunes library and iCloud music library.


– Saves time if you have an extensive music library.
– Allows you to edit and manage your music library effortlessly.


– Third-party apps may contain malicious software, so make sure you download them from reputable sources.
– The app might not be free.

Why Can’t I Delete Songs from my iTunes Library?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to delete songs from your iTunes library. Here are some possible reasons and fixes:

1. The song is not downloaded on your device: If the song is not downloaded on your device, iTunes will not allow you to delete it. To delete such songs, go to Settings > Music and turn on "Show All Music." Then, select the song and delete it as usual.

2. The song is synced from Apple Music or iTunes Match: If you have subscribed to Apple Music or iTunes Match, you cannot delete songs that are part of your subscription. To delete such songs, cancel your Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription.

3. The song is protected: Some songs on iTunes are protected by DRM, which prevents you from deleting them. To delete such songs, you will have to contact Apple Support.


– Before deleting any songs, make sure they are not part of any playlists or synced devices.
– Back up your iTunes library before deleting any songs to avoid losing your data.


Q: How do I delete all the songs from my iTunes library?

A: To delete your entire iTunes library, select all the songs by pressing "Ctrl" + "A" on your keyboard, followed by "Delete." A confirmation box will appear, click on "Delete Items" to delete all the songs.

Q: Will deleting a song from my iTunes library remove it from my Apple Music cloud?

A: Yes, deleting a song from your iTunes library will remove it from your Apple Music cloud and any synced devices.

Q: Can I recover a song I accidentally deleted?

A: No, once you delete a song from your iTunes library, it cannot be recovered. That is why we recommend making a backup of your library before deleting any songs.

Q: Does removing a song from iTunes free up space on my device?

A: No, removing a song from iTunes does not free up space on your device. To free up space, remove the song from your device’s storage manually.

Q: Can I delete songs from my iTunes library without deleting them from my computer?

A: Yes, deleting songs from your iTunes library only removes them from the app, but they will still be available on your computer.


Deleting songs from your iTunes library can be time-consuming, but it’s worth doing to keep your library organized. We have provided three different methods for deleting songs, but you should choose the one that suits your needs. Make sure you back up your iTunes library before making any changes to ensure that you don’t lose any data.

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