Do you find inactive Instagram accounts occupying your follower list or the username that you really want to use? Do they stop you from creating your brand’s authentic account? If that is the case for you, here is a useful article that will help you with "How to delete someone’s inactive Instagram account." Internet platforms like Instagram have firm policies to protect users’ privacy, which sometimes makes it difficult to remove inactive accounts. That’s why we created a step-by-step guide to help you remove someone’s inactive Instagram account and get your desired username.

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What’s Needed

Deleting someone’s inactive Instagram account is not rocket science, but it’s not a matter of just clicking and deleting. You need the following things ready before initiating the process:

– Your device: This can be a computer or a smartphone.
– Access to the internet and your Instagram account credentials
– The inactive account’s username that you want to delete.

What Requires Your Focus?

Removing an inactive account requires your focus and attention to detail. It is crucial to follow all the steps properly to ensure the account’s deletion and not any other account. You need to be patient and persistent because sometimes the process may take longer than expected. Plus, you need to double-check the inactive account’s username to avoid any mistakes.

Different Methods to Delete Someone’s Inactive Instagram Account

Method 1: Reporting the Inactive Account to Instagram

This method is simple and easy. You have to report the account in question to Instagram, and the Instagram team will decide whether to delete it or not. Before proceeding with reporting, ensure that the account has been inactive for more than a year. Here’s how to report an inactive account:

– Open your Instagram account and access the inactive account profile.
– Click on the three dots icon on the top-right corner of the profile.
– Select "Report."
– Choose a reason why you are reporting that account.
– Submit your report.

– The process is simple and easy.
– It does not require any special skills or knowledge.

– The process does not guarantee the inactive account’s deletion, as the Instagram team will decide whether to delete it or not.

Method 2: Claiming the Inactive Username

If the inactive account has your desired username and the account has been inactive for more than two weeks, you can claim it. Here is the process to claim the inactive account’s username:

– Access the username on the Instagram app or website.
– Select "Forgot password?" > "Reset using Facebook."
– Then, you’ll have the option to reset the password using your Facebook account or the email address that you used to create the account.
– Once you update the password, the previous account holder will lose access to the account.

– It enables you to reclaim the username you want.
– It’s a great option, especially if you have tried reporting the account, but nothing has happened yet.

– It is not guaranteed that you will be able to claim the username.
– The process is not possible if the inactive account wasn’t created using your email address or Facebook account.

Method 3: Contact Instagram Support

If the above methods did not work, contact Instagram support. You can request them to delete the inactive account or assign the username to you. Here are the steps on how to contact Instagram support:

– Open Instagram, go to "Settings" > "Help."
– Tap "Report a hacked account" > "Delete your account" > "Spam."
– You will be redirected to a form. Fill in your details and the inactive account’s information.
– Once you’re done, tap "submit."

– You can ask Instagram support for specific action (delete the account or assign the username to you).
– Instagram support is responsive and helpful.

– It may take some time to get a response from Instagram support.

Why Can’t I Delete Someone’s Inactive Instagram Account?

If you are having trouble removing someone’s inactive Instagram account, you are not alone. Some reasons why you can’t delete the account are:

1. The account is active: If the account is active, Instagram doesn’t allow deletion.
Fix: Wait for some time and repeat the process when the account has been inactive for the required period.

2. You don’t have the correct login credentials: If you don’t have the correct login credentials, you can’t access the account and delete it.
Fix: Try the "Forgot Password" option, or use a different email or Facebook account that could be linked to the inactive account.

3. Instagram’s policies don’t allow it: Instagram’s policies would not allow deletion of inactive accounts that do not breach the community guidelines.
Fix: Try using another method or wait for a few more days to see if Instagram deletes the account.

Implications and Recommendations

Deleting an inactive account can be a tedious task, but it is necessary to keep your Instagram handle more professional-looking. Here are some implications and recommendations:

– Before attempting to delete someone’s Instagram account, make sure you have the correct username. You may end up reporting or claiming a different account.
– Always ask the Instagram support team for assistance if you find it difficult to delete an inactive account.
– Double-check with the Instagram team’s official guidelines and policies to ensure that you are not breaching any terms and conditions before deleting an account.

5 FAQs about Deleting Someone’s Inactive Instagram Account

Q1. How long does an account have to be inactive to be considered for deletion?

A1. The account has to be inactive for more than one year to be eligible for deletion.

Q2. Can I delete a deactivated or suspended Instagram account?

A2. No, you cannot delete a deactivated or a suspended account. You can only delete an inactive account.

Q3. Can someone report and delete my account for being inactive?

A3. No, Instagram only deletes inactive accounts when the owner requests it or if it goes against their community guidelines.

Q4. Can I retrieve an account that has been deleted for being inactive?

A4. No, once an account has been deleted, it cannot be recovered, even by the original owner.

Q5. How can I prevent my account from being deleted for inactivity?

A5. Ensure that you log in to your account regularly and post or interact with other accounts often. This way, Instagram will not consider it inactive.

In Conclusion

Finally, deleting an inactive account can create a better Instagram account and brand image. We have shown you different methods on how to delete someone’s inactive Instagram account. Try each one and see which method works best for you. Additionally, make sure to go over Instagram’s policies before deleting an account to avoid any breach of the rules.

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