Whatsapp has become one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. With its popularity came some issues like how to delete someone from whatsapp without them knowing. We all have a restricted set of contacts that we don’t want to see our statuses, profile information, and see our messages but without blocking them. It could also be because the person is nosy or always interrupting, and so you’d rather not have them around for as long as possible. Whatever the reason, this post will show you how to delete someone from whatsapp without them knowing and avoid the awkwardness that comes with blocking or unfriending someone.

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What’s Needed

To execute this process smoothly, the following are essential;

  • Your mobile device
  • The recipient’s name and number
  • Whatsapp Messenger app

What Requires Your Focus?

This process doesn’t need a lot of mental or physical energy, but focus is required to get it right and prevent any mistake from happening. You’ll require patience when following the steps and proofreading after the whole process to confirm that you’ve done it correctly and without errors.

Different Methods to Delete Someone from Whatsapp Without Them Knowing

Method 1: Archiving the Conversation

If you’re looking for an alternative way to delete someone from your Whatsapp without them knowing, you can decide to archive the conversation.

It’s effortless, and with a click, you can dispose of all their messages and contact details without affecting your privacy. Archived chats are moved to your archived folder, and you won’t see them unless they send you a message and become active again.


1. Find the conversation/chat you desire to archive.

2. Hold the conversation down.

3. Select Archive chat.

4. The chat will be eliminated from your chat; you can choose to bring it back if required.


  • You can quickly dispose of the conversation without irreversible actions like blocking the individual.
  • You save yourself from the stress of having to explain to the other person why he/she was blocked.


  • The person can still send you messages without knowing they’ve been archived.

Method 2: Mute their Profile Updates

If what you dislike is getting notifications and updates from the contact, then you can mute their profile updates. The other person will be unaware of your actions, and you’ll not compromise your privacy in any way.


1. Get the chat Id for the chat you want to mute.

2. Type https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=

3. Append the chat Id to the end of the URL.

4. Open this URL to start chatting with the other party.

5. Click on their name on the conversation screen.

6. Choose "mute notifications" from the list of options.


  • Muting an individual won’t bother them, and you can still view their status updates without any disturbance.
  • You can limit their reach without their knowledge.


  • The person can still see your status and view your profile
  • You won’t receive push notifications, and you may miss out on important information from this contact.

Method 3: Hiding your Last Seen Status

If you don’t want anyone to know when you last accessed the application, you can decide to hide your last seen status. Other users won’t view your account’s last seen details unless they already know or have your chat Id.


1. Go to settings in your Whatsapp account.

2. Click on Account.

3. Click on Privacy.

4. Choose the Last Seen option from the list of options.

5. Select "Nobody" from the available options to stop sharing the last seen feature.


  • You can decide how people view your account.
  • You control when to let people know you’re online or otherwise.


  • The individual can still send you messages without knowing you’ve restricted the account.
  • You also lose the benefit of seeing other account’s last seen status.

Method 4: Blocking the contact temporarily

If you only want a brief break from the individual, you can temporarily block their contact. This option means that messages sent by the other person won’t get to your phone. You can reverse the action at any time to let the other party chat with you again.


1. Swipe the conversation towards the left side.

2. Click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the chat.

3. Select "More" from the menu that appears.

4. Click on "Block" to block the person’s account.


  • It’s a reversible action that doesn’t damage a friendship.
  • You can do it again whenever you decide you have had enough time with the individual.


  • You cannot see any messages sent to your account during the period you blocked that contact
  • The other person will know something is amiss if you unblock and re-block them again frequently.

Method 5: Privatizing your Account

If you want to expand your privacy perimeter when using Whatsapp, you should consider privatizing accounts to control who gets to see your updates and messages.


1. Open your account settings on Whatsapp.

2. Click on Privacy.

3. Choose Account > Privacy > Profile photo, Status, and Last Seen.

4. Select “My Contacts from the available options.

5. Only your contacts will be able to view your profile now.


  • You get to enjoy more privacy controls than other users.
  • It’s a comprehensive strategy to avoid unwanted attention from unsolicited individuals, including stalkers and other online bullies.


  • Those not on your contact list won’t be able to view your status updates or messages.
  • You have to educate new acquaintances on the complications of not being on your contact list and convince them to join your account.

Why Can’t I Delete Someone from Whatsapp Without Them Knowing and Fixes?


  • They will know if they notice you’re not on their contact list.
  • You can transfer the person to your spam or block list, but they will be notified.
  • There are no visual symptoms to show other users that you’ve deleted them from your account.
  • The moment you’re removed from their contact list, your messages will be deleted from your conversation list.


  • You can still receive messages from the individual without sending them back a reply.
  • Blocking is a way to silence the other user without showing direct contempt.
  • You can use the archive option at periodic intervals to avoid a build-up of conversations.
  • Letting other users know how you want to associate with them helps them stick to your preferences.

Implications and Recommendations

The road to better online communication can be a rocky one. It would be best to isolate and eliminate all unwanted frictions by using these methods to avoid being petty or insulting. In summary, it’s better to enjoy Whatsapp’s features and the best part of socialization without interruptions than to create unnecessary scenes or bad blood.


  • Learn to communicate your boundaries to your Whatsapp users.
  • Always update your Whatsapp notifications and be clear on what you want to achieve with the application.
  • Always keep yourself informed on best practices to improve on your online experience.

5 FAQs about Deleting Someone from Whatsapp Without Them Knowing

Q1: Can I Let the Other Person Know I Removed Them?

A: Absolutely. You might even tell them that you needed some time by yourself to meditate, or reconcile some other differences that you had previously.

Q2: Will the Other Person Still be Able to Send Me Voice Notes if I Remove Them?

A: Yes. Removing someone from your Whatsapp account only restricts them from seeing future status updates and messaging you. If a mutual acquaintance sends you voice notes, you can often listen to them but not reply.

Q3: Does Deleting Someone from My Whatsapp Account Affect their Contact List?

A: No. Your deleting someone from your Whatsapp account doesn’t affect other people’s contact lists. They can still have access to the other user’s phone numbers and interact with them.

Q4: Can I Hide My Profile Information From Someone Without Deleting Them?

A: Yes. You can hide your details so they don’t see your profile and last seen information. Choose "My contacts" to limit your account’s reach or "nobody" to general strangers and publicity.

Q5: Can Someone Be Removed from a Group Without Being Notified?

A: No. When an individual is removed from a group, he/she will definitely notice the change and may feel excluded or ignored. It’s better to reach out and let them know what happened than to avoid the issue altogether.

Final Words

It’s not always about cutting ties or burning bridges. In matters of privacy and online communication, being smart and knowledgeable on best practices and what works best for you might be all it takes to save you significant embarrassment, lost friendship, and a less satisfying user experience.

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