Mario Kart 7 is a popular racing game on the Nintendo 3DS. The game offers numerous features and modes, including a multiplayer mode that lets you compete with other players around the world. While the game is enjoyable, many players have faced issues with deleting save data. Sometimes, players need to delete their progress and start from scratch or they might want to switch to a different Nintendo 3DS console. In this blog post, we will share various methods to help you delete save data on Mario Kart 7 and start anew.

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The Challenge of Deleting Save Data on Mario Kart 7

Deleting save data on Mario Kart 7 might not be as straightforward as it seems. It depends on the reason why you want to delete your progress. If you want to start the game all over again, deleting save data is easy. However, if you want to modify your old progress to start where you left off, things can become a little complicated. Nintendo has designed the game to protect players from accidentally deleting their progress, leading to issues in decision-making to delete data. We will explore the methods to delete data without encountering any problems.

Things You Should Prepare for

Before you start deleting your save data, make sure you have these things ready:

  • A Nintendo 3DS console with Mario Kart 7 game installed
  • Enough time to delete your data, as the process can take some time depending on the method you choose
  • A steady internet connection in case you need to use the Nintendo eShop
  • A back-up or copy of your game progress in case you want to return to your progress later.

Method 1: Using the In-Game Option

Mario Kart 7 allows you to delete save data from the main menu. Follow these steps to delete your progress:

  1. Launch the game and wait until the main menu appears
  2. Select the icon "Nintendo 3DS" by tapping it once
  3. Press the "L" + "R" + "X" buttons together to delete your data (simultaneously)
  4. Confirm your action by pressing "Yes."


  • Simple and straightforward way to delete your data
  • No external tools required
  • Faster than other methods.


  • You cannot recover deleted data with this method.
  • You will lose all your progress, including unlocked characters, karts, and tracks.

Method 2: Using the System Settings

Instead of using the in-game option, you can also delete your Mario Kart 7 save data from your Nintendo 3DS System Settings. Follow these steps to delete your progress:

  1. From the home menu, select System Settings.
  2. Tap on Data Management, then "Nintendo 3DS"
  3. Select "Delete Software."
  4. Choose Mario Kart 7 (the software you want to delete), then press "Delete."
  5. Confirm your action by pressing "Yes."


  • You can delete multiple games easily with this method
  • You can use this method to move your Mario Kart 7 data from one console to another or multiple memory cards
  • You can recover your data using a backup


  • This method is slower than the in-game option
  • You need to back up your data before you can delete it
  • If you do not back up your data, you cannot undo your action.

Method 3: Using a Third-Party Tool

If you are a tech-savvy player and do not hesitate to use third-party tools, you can use a software like Checkpoint to delete your Mario Kart 7 save data. Follow these steps to delete your progress:

  1. Download and install Checkpoint homebrew from
  2. Run Checkpoint and select the Mario Kart 7 icon from the list of installed games
  3. Select "Save Data Option," then "Delete."
  4. Select the user whose data you want to delete
  5. Confirm your action by pressing "Yes."


  • You can use Checkpoint to manage save data across multiple games, not just Mario Kart 7
  • You can backup and restore save data easily
  • You can choose which user’s data you want to delete.


  • You need to install a third-party tool and potentially hack your Nintendo 3DS console
  • You risk losing your console’s warranty
  • You might face compatibility issues with the tool and the game.

Method 4: Contacting Nintendo Support

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above and still can’t delete your Mario Kart 7 save data, it’s time to reach out to Nintendo Support. They have a team of professionals who can help you resolve the issue.


  • You will get assistance from an expert who is dedicated to solving your issue
  • They can guide you over the phone or remotely
  • You can get a solution tailored to your specific problem.


  • You need to have patience as reaching the support team may take some time
  • You might incur additional charges for the support, depending on the nature of the issue and your console’s warranty status.

Why Can’t I Delete My Mario Kart 7 Save Data?

Sometimes, you might face challenges when trying to delete your Mario Kart 7 save data. Here are some common reasons why:

  1. You are trying to delete your game progress while online or connected to a local network, which can prevent you from deleting data.
  2. You have selected the wrong option while deleting data, leading you to delete the wrong game’s progress.
  3. Your Nintendo 3DS system has an issue that prevents you from deleting your data.


  • Ensure you are offline or disconnected from any networks before you delete your data.
  • Double-check the option you select before confirming to delete your data
  • Perform a factory reset on your Nintendo 3DS console to fix any save data-related issues

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips to help you delete your Mario Kart 7 save data seamlessly:

  • Ensure you back up your save data before you delete it
  • Write down your progress on a piece of paper for reference in the future
  • Ensure you select the correct game while deleting data to avoid accidental deletion.

5 FAQs

Q1. Can I transfer my Mario Kart 7 save data to another console?

A1. Yes, you can use the System Settings method mentioned above to move your data to another Nintendo 3DS console

Q2. How do I create a backup of my Mario Kart 7 save data?

A2. You can use Checkpoint or any other third-party tool to create a backup of your save data

Q3. Will I lose all my progress if I delete my Mario Kart 7 save data?

A3. Yes, you will lose all your progress, including unlocked characters, karts, and tracks.

Q4. Can I undo the deletion of my Mario Kart 7 save data?

A4. No, you cannot undo the deletion of your save data.

Q5. Will deleting my Mario Kart 7 save data affect my console’s warranty?

A5. If you use any third-party tools or hack your console, you risk voiding your warranty. However, if you use the in-game or System Settings method, it will not affect your warranty.


Deleting Mario Kart 7 save data is essential if you want to start the game over or move your progress to another console. Fortunately, there are several methods to delete your progress depending on your situation. You can choose to use the in-game option, System Settings, or a third-party tool like Checkpoint. It’s essential to ensure you back up your data before you delete it to avoid losing progress unintentionally. Following the tips and FAQs mentioned in this post can help you delete your Mario Kart 7 save data with ease.

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