Macbook Air is a compact and convenient device rarely fails to meet people’s needs for work and entertainment. However, the storage of a Macbook Air is limited, and it can slow down when too many apps are installed on it. With this in mind, deleting unused apps is necessary to optimize the storage capacity and improve the efficiency of the device. However, many people don’t know how to delete apps off their Macbook Air, which is why this article is essential.

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What’s Needed

Before deleting the apps off your Macbook Air, you need to verify that all the files and data related to these apps have been backed up elsewhere. If you’re using an app regularly, you can’t delete it without affecting your daily routine, so consider making sure that you have a backup of this app’s data.

What Should I Pay Attention to?

You should be aware that apps on your Macbook Air are available in two different locations. One location is in the “Applications” folder, while the other is in Launchpad. In both locations, you can remove the app without deleting its data files. Therefore, be cautious when selecting which apps to delete, as you might inadvertently delete the data files.

Method 1: Remove Apps from “Applications” Folder

1. Open Finder on your Macbook Air by clicking on the Finder icon in the dock.
2. Select the “Applications” option to access the list of all apps that are installed on your Macbook Air.
3. Select the application you desire to remove and right-click on it.
4. Choose the “Move to Trash” choice from the drop-down menu that displays.


Easy to trace all the apps installed.
Taking up small space for uninstalling function and convenient for storage cleaning.


Cannot delete the app’s data files which are still left in Library folder or caches.

Method 2: Delete Apps from Launchpad

1. Find the Launchpad symbol in your dock by scrolling from one screen to another or by hitting the Launchpad button, which looks like a gray button with a rocket.
2. Locate the app that you want to delete in Launchpad by scrolling through the pages or using the search bar at the top.
3. Hold down the application icon until it starts to jiggle.
4. Click the “Delete” button, which looks like an “x” button that appears in the top-left corner of the app icon.


Quick access to all the apps.
Easy deletion process for those located in Library folder or caches.


Some apps are not located in Launchpad, making it difficult or impossible to delete them this way.

Method 3: Uninstall Apps Using a Third-Party Software

1. Go to the internet and look for a reliable uninstaller software.
2. Download and install the uninstaller software on your Macbook Air.
3. Run the uninstaller software.
4. Search for the target app that you need to delete and click on “Uninstall.”


Deletes both the application and data files, allowing a fresh install if necessary.
Some third-party uninstaller applications provide additional features, such as cleaning up any leftover files and storage optimization.


Some uninstaller applications need a payment to gain the full version’s abilities.
Might require more space to install third-party software.

Why Can’t I Delete Apps Off My Macbook Air?

1. The application was not permanently installed.
2. The application cannot be removed due to the permissions rights.
3. The application is currently in use and can’t be deleted.


1. Drag this app to trash, and it will disappear.
2. In the System Preferences menu, you can give yourself permission to uninstall the app.
3. Quit the app and try to delete it again.


It’s not always easy to keep on top of what apps are installed on your Macbook Air. Keeping your Macbook Air clutter-free is an excellent solution for improved performance and functionality. Furthermore, if you experience problems uninstalling apps, consider utilizing a third-party uninstaller.

5 FAQs

Q: What if the application doesn’t exist in the Applications folder or Launchpad?

A: It could indicate that the app was never permanently installed on your Macbook Air. Simply remove the app by deleting it from your desktop or moving it to the Trash icon.

Q: If I delete the app, will it delete the data files that were saved?

A: The app’s data files will still be saved on your device, and you should delete them separately if desired.

Q: Can an application be deleted without utilizing the Trash function?

A: Yes, this is possible. You can delete some applications by dragging them to the Trash or by using an uninstaller software.

Q: Can all applications be deleted?

A: No, not always. Some applications are an essential part of the macOS operating system and cannot be deleted.

Q: Can I delete a built-in app on my MacBook Air?

A: No. You cannot delete a built-in app on your MacBook Air.

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