Deleting an MSN email account permanently can be a daunting task for many users. Whether you’re closing the account due to security reasons, a switch to another email provider, or simply because you no longer need it, it’s important to understand the process and the potential consequences. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to delete an MSN email account permanently and provide some insights on why you may need to do so. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of how to delete your MSN email account and the precautions you need to take.

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Why You Need to Delete An MSN Email Account

There could be several reasons why you might want to delete your MSN email account. Some common reasons include:

1. Security concerns: If you suspect that your MSN email account has been compromised or if you have experienced any suspicious activity, it’s essential to delete the account to protect your personal information.

2. Switching to another email provider: Many users decide to switch from MSN to a different email service that better suits their needs. In such cases, deleting the MSN email account becomes an essential step to ensure a smooth transition.

3. Decluttering your online presence: With multiple email accounts, it can become overwhelming to manage them all. Deleting unnecessary email accounts, including your MSN email, can help simplify your online presence and reduce the risk of security breaches.

4. Privacy concerns: If you no longer use your MSN email account and are concerned about your data being stored by the email provider, permanently deleting the account will help ensure your privacy.

Now that we understand why you may need to delete your MSN email account, let’s dive into the different methods you can use to achieve this.

Method 1. Via the MSN Account Closure Page

Deleting your MSN email account through the MSN Account Closure page is the most straightforward method. Follow the steps below to close your account:

Step 1: Go to the MSN Account Closure page. [link]

Step 2: Enter your MSN email address and password to sign in.

Step 3: Read through the information on the closure page and ensure you understand the consequences of deleting your account.

Step 4: Select the checkboxes to acknowledge that you have read and understood the information.

Step 5: Click on the "Next" button to proceed.

Step 6: Follow the prompt to verify your identity using the verification method associated with your MSN email account. This may include providing additional information or entering a verification code sent to your alternate email address or phone number.

Step 7: After successfully verifying your identity, you will be directed to the account closure confirmation page. Review the information and click on the "Close Account" button to permanently delete your MSN email account.

1. Simple and easy-to-use process for account closure.
2. Provides clear information about the consequences of deleting the account.
3. Requires user verification to ensure the security of the account.

1. Irreversible action – Once the account is deleted, all data associated with the account will be lost.
2. Account closure may take up to 60 days to complete.

Method 2. Via Customer Support

If you encounter any issues with the previous method or prefer to have direct assistance, you can reach out to MSN customer support to request the deletion of your email account. Follow the steps below to delete your MSN email account via customer support:

Step 1: Visit the MSN customer support website and navigate to the "Contact Us" page.

Step 2: Select the option to chat or call a customer support representative.

Step 3: Explain your request to the customer support representative and provide the necessary information to verify your identity.

Step 4: Follow any additional instructions provided by the customer support representative to complete the account closure process.

1. Direct assistance from customer support for a smooth account closure process.
2. The ability to address any issues or concerns with a live representative.

1. May involve longer wait times for customer support assistance.
2. Limited availability of customer support depending on your location and time zone.

Method 3. Via Email Request

If you prefer a written approach, you can request the deletion of your MSN email account by sending an email to the MSN support team. Follow the steps below to delete your MSN email account via email request:

Step 1: Compose an email to MSN customer support.

Step 2: In the email, clearly state your request to delete your MSN email account and provide the necessary information to verify your identity (e.g., full name, MSN email address, etc.).

Step 3: Send the email to the designated MSN customer support email address.

Step 4: Wait for a response from MSN customer support, which may include further instructions or verification steps.

1. Provides a written record of your request for future reference.
2. Offers flexibility in terms of when and where to send the email request.

1. Response time may vary, resulting in a longer account closure process.
2. Verification steps may be required, prolonging the closure process.

Method 4. Via Account Inactivity

Another way to delete your MSN email account is by letting it remain inactive for an extended period. MSN has specific policies regarding account inactivity, and your email account may be closed automatically if it remains unused for a certain duration. However, this method is not recommended if you require immediate account closure or if you have concerns about your privacy and account security.

1. No direct action required from the user.
2. Automatic closure can be convenient for users who no longer intend to use the account.

1. Lack of control over the closure process and timing.
2. Account closure may take a long time as it depends on the inactivity policy.

What to Do If You Can’t Delete Your MSN Email Account

In some cases, you may encounter issues or obstacles while trying to delete your MSN email account. Here are a few fixes you can try:

1. Clear your browser cache and cookies: Sometimes, browser-related issues can prevent you from accessing the necessary pages to delete your account. Clearing your browser cache and cookies can help resolve this problem.

2. Contact MSN customer support: If you encounter technical issues or face any difficulties during the account closure process, reaching out to MSN customer support can provide you with the necessary guidance and solutions.

3. Complete any outstanding requirements: Ensure that you have fulfilled all the criteria and completed any necessary steps before attempting to delete your MSN email account. For example, some closure methods may require you to cancel any active subscriptions or clear any outstanding balances associated with the account.

Bonus Tips

Here are three bonus tips to consider when deleting your MSN email account:

1. Backup your data: Before deleting your MSN email account, ensure that you have backed up any important emails, contacts, or files associated with the account. This way, you can still access and retrieve the data, if needed, after the account deletion.

2. Update your contacts: Inform your contacts about the deletion of your MSN email account and provide them with an alternative method to contact you. Consider sending a mass email or updating your email signature with your new contact information.

3. Secure other online accounts: It’s essential to review and secure any other online accounts that may be associated with your MSN email address. Update your email address in those accounts to ensure a seamless transition and prevent any access issues.


Q1: Will deleting my MSN email account also delete my Microsoft account?

A: No, deleting your MSN email account will not automatically delete your Microsoft account. Your Microsoft account includes services and subscriptions beyond email, such as Xbox Live or Office 365. If you want to close your entire Microsoft account, you will need to go through a separate process on the Microsoft account closure page.

Q2: Can I recover my MSN email account after it has been deleted?

A: No, once you delete your MSN email account, it cannot be recovered. All data associated with the account will be lost permanently. Therefore, it is crucial to backup any important data before initiating the deletion process.

Q3: How long does it typically take to delete an MSN email account?

A: The account closure process for an MSN email account usually takes up to 60 days. During this time, the account remains in a disabled state, and you will no longer be able to access or receive emails. It is essential to ensure that you have saved any important data or emails before initiating the closure process.

Q4: Can I use the same MSN email address again after deleting the account?

A: No, once an MSN email account is permanently deleted, the email address associated with the account cannot be reused or reactivated. If you wish to continue using the same email address, you would need to create a new MSN email account or choose a different email provider.

Q5: Can I delete my MSN email account using a mobile device?

A: Yes, the account closure process for an MSN email account can be initiated from a mobile device by accessing the MSN Account Closure page through a web browser. However, it is recommended to use a desktop or laptop for a more seamless experience.

Final Thoughts

Deleting an MSN email account permanently requires careful consideration and understanding of the process. We have explored different methods to help you delete your MSN email account and provided guidance on what to do if you encounter any issues. Remember to take the necessary precautions, backup important data, and inform your contacts before initiating the closure process. Deleting your MSN email account can provide a fresh start, enhanced security, and a clutter-free online presence.

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