Today, Hisense Smart TVs have been more than a device for entertainment at homes. Users install multiple applications as per their requirements on these TVs over time. However, after a while, who wouldn’t want to remove some apps they don’t use anymore? It so happens with Hisense Smart TV owners too. The apps start to accumulate on TV memory, leading to lagging or lower performance of the TV and can decrease the space on the hard drive. In this post, we’ll be exploring how to delete an app on Hisense Smart TV, preventing trouble on the device.

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What’s Needed

To delete an app on Hisense Smart TV, you will need the following items below:

1. Hisense Smart TV set
2. Remote Control
3. Internet Connection

What Requires Your Focus?

Before diving into the steps, it is essential to note the below important points:

– Some pre-installed apps cannot be deleted.
– Ensure that apps not to be deleted are secured before the process begins. Once deleted, it might not be available for install freely again.
– Always keep in mind that some apps on your TV may have alternative replacements. Ensure to look up other options before deleting any app.

Method 1: Using Home screen

Deleting an app on Hisense Smart TV using the home screen is a quick and straightforward way to get the job done.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Turn on your Hisense Smart TV.
2. From the Home screen, scroll to the app you want to delete.
3. Once on the App, press the up arrow button on the remote control.
4. Select the ‘Uninstall’ option.
5. Confirm deletion by clicking ‘OK’ on the prompt menu.

– Simple, quick, and easy to execute.
– Can be done with the remote control.

– Some apps cannot be deleted.

Method 2: Using Google Play Store

The Google Play Store provides an interface through which apps can be installed or deleted.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Turn on your Hisense Smart TV.
2. From the Home screen, locate and click the Google Play Store app.
3. Select ‘Apps’ from the menu.
4. Select the ‘Uninstall’ button on the app you want to delete.
5. Confirm the deletion.

– Can be done using the remote control.

– Limited to apps downloaded through Google Play Store.
– Not all apps have the same interface for deletion.

Method 3: Using Settings

The settings provide an interface to navigate installed apps and a way to delete those no longer needed.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Turn on your Hisense Smart TV.
2. Click the ‘Settings’ option on the Home screen.
3. Select ‘Apps’ from the settings menu.
4. Scroll through the installed apps and select the app you want to delete.
5. Select ‘Uninstall’, and a prompt appears, asking for confirmation.
6. Confirm deletion by clicking ‘OK.’

– Provides a comprehensive look at all installed apps.
– Can assist in identifying potential unwanted apps on the TV.

– Interface differs from app to app.

Method 4: Using Button Combination Option

This method enables you to delete downloaded apps, including those not from the Google Play Store.

Here is how to execute the method:

1. Turn on your Hisense Smart TV.
2. Click on the ‘Home’ button on your remote control.
3. Click on ‘Settings’ on the menu.
4. Scroll down to select the option ‘Storage and Reset’ in the settings menu.
5. Click on ‘Factory Reset’.
6. Press ‘OK’ to confirm the action.

– Allows a complete delete of all apps and data on the TV.
– Can be helpful when the TV is slow or experiencing performance issues.

– Deletes all data on the TV, including any personally saved information.

Why Can’t I Delete An App on Hisense Smart TV?

Possible reasons why an app might not be able to be deleted on your Hisense Smart TV are as follows:

1. Preinstalled Apps: Hisense Smart TVs come with apps already installed on them. Some of these apps cannot be deleted from the TV.
2. Network Connection: Some apps on the TV require an internet connection to function. Deleting such apps without internet access may be impossible.
3. Misuse of TV: If the TV is unable to delete an app, it is possible that the TV may be malfunctioning.

Implications and Recommendations

Deleting apps from your Hisense Smart TV can come with some implications. However, as long as the process is done correctly and carefully, the TV will function correctly. More so, there is space available for new apps to be installed, and the TV’s performance is enhanced. We recommend knowing the importance of each app before any deletion process begins.


Q. Can I restore deleted apps from my Hisense Smart TV?

A. If the apps were downloaded from the Google Play Store, they can be restored by accessing the ‘My Apps’ section of the store. If the app was deleted from your Hisense Smart TV using another method, they can be downloaded again from the various app stores.

Q. Can I undo the process of deleting an app from my Hisense Smart TV?

A. This depends on two factors. First, the app deleted should not be preinstalled apps that cannot be deleted. Second, if the app is deleted but not uninstalled, you can undo the process by navigating to ‘My Apps’ in the Google Play Store and downloading the app again.

Q. Can I delete more than one app at a time on my Hisense Smart TV?

A. Unfortunately, some methods allow deletion of only one app at a time. One effective way would be by using factory reset, but it deletes all data on the TV.

Q. Can I delete several apps at once on Hisense Smart TV using a computer?

A. No, app deletion on your Hisense Smart TV can only be done through its interface.

Q. Will deleting an app speed up my Hisense Smart TV?

A. Yes, deleting unnecessary apps, especially when they run in the background, can help speed up your TV, prevent lagging, and free up space on the TV.

In Conclusion

Deleting an app from your Hisense Smart TV can be performed by following the steps highlighted above. However, It is essential to keep in mind that some pre-installed apps cannot be deleted, none of the methods are foolproof, and some apps require an internet connection to work. After successful deletion, we recommend paying attention to the impacts of what was deleted. It is an easy process, but beware of what apps are becoming obsolete to sum up the reasons for the deletion.

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