Gmail is a widely used email service with over 1.8 billion active users. It offers its users a lot of features such as sorting, filtering, labelling, and many more. Gmail is available on various platforms like web browsers, mobile apps, and operating systems. Gmail Android app allows users to enjoy all the features on their smartphones. However, sometimes it can be frustrating when your inbox is cluttered and you want to delete all your mails. This blog post aims to provide users with various methods on how to delete all mails in Gmail Android.

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Why You Need to Delete All Mails in Gmail Android

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to delete all your mails in Gmail Android. Firstly, you might be decluttering your inbox and want to start afresh. Secondly, you might be running out of storage space and need to clear out some mails. Thirdly, you might be handing over your phone to someone else, and you don’t want them to have access to your mails. Whatever the reason may be, deleting all mails in Gmail Android can be an overwhelming task if you don’t know the proper method.

Method 1: Via Gmail Android App

Deleting all emails in Gmail Android app is an easy and straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:
1. Open "Gmail" App on Android.
2. Tap the "Hamburger" icon at the top left corner of the screen.
3. Scroll to the bottom of the side menu and select "Settings".
4. Select your Gmail account.
5. Tap "Manage Storage".
6. Select "Clear All Data".
7. Confirm your action by tapping "OK".

– Easy and quick to delete all emails.
– Applicable to all Gmail accounts.

– Data is not recoverable once cleared.
– Any important emails will be permanently deleted.

Method 2: Via Web Browser

Another way to delete all emails in Gmail is via a web browser. Here is how to do it:
1. Go to the Gmail website and login.
2. In the search bar, enter "label:inbox" and press enter to search.
3. Check the checkbox that selects all emails.
4. Click on the trash icon to delete all emails.

– Gives you the ability to select multiple labels such as trash, spam, etc.
– Allows data recovery within 30 days.

– Time-consuming if you have a lot of mails.
– Requires internet access.

Method 3: Via Gmail Cleaner

Gmail Cleaner is a third-party app that helps you clean up your Gmail inbox. It is a free online tool that removes all unwanted mails swiftly. Here is how to use Gmail Cleaner:
1. Visit the Gmail Cleaner website.
2. Log into your Gmail account.
3. Select the data range you want to clean.
4. Choose the labels you want to clean.
5. Click "Start Cleaning".

– Helps you delete all mails with ease.
– Gives you the ability to choose specific labels to clean.

– Requires third-party app usage.
– Need access to your Gmail account.

What to Do If You Can’t Delete All Mails in Gmail Android

Deleting mails in Gmail Android can be problematic at times. Suppose you find it hard to delete all mails in Gmail Android. You can try various fixes such as:
– Remove the Gmail account and log in again.
– Clear the Gmail app cache and data.
– Uninstall and reinstall the Gmail app.
– Check if your internet connection is stable.

Bonus Tip: Archive Your Emails Instead of Deleting

Suppose you don’t want to delete all mails permanently. In that case, you can archive your emails instead of deleting them. Archiving removes your mails from the inbox and gives you the ability to access them later. Here is how to archive your emails:
1. Open Gmail Android App.
2. Tap and hold the mail you want to archive.
3. Select the archive icon at the top of the screen.

5 FAQs About Deleting All Mails in Gmail Android

Q1: Is it possible to recover deleted mails in Gmail Android?

A1: Yes, you can retrieve deleted mails within 30 days via Gmail’s "Trash" folder.

Q2: Why am I unable to delete all mails in Gmail Android?

A2: You might be experiencing internet connectivity problems or Gmail app glitches, try to fix these challenges.

Q3: How long does it take to delete all mails in Gmail?

A3: It depends on the data size you are deleting; it might take a few seconds or several minutes.

Q4: Can I delete a Gmail account from my Android phone?

A4: Yes, you can delete Gmail accounts from your Android phone.

Q5: Is it possible to delete Gmail without affecting Google Drive data?

A5: Yes, it’s possible; deleting Gmail won’t affect your Google Drive data.

Final Thoughts

Deleting all mails in Gmail Android can be a daunting task, especially when you have thousands of emails to delete. However, by following our methods, you can quickly clear your inbox and start anew. Always remember to back up your essential data and archive your emails if necessary. We hope this blog post has provided you with valuable insights on deleting all mails in Gmail Android.

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