Email has become an integral tool in our daily lives. It has made communication easier and streamlined. However, receiving a lot of emails every day can clutter your mailbox, making it hard to keep up with the latest emails or find important ones. In addition, deleting a lot of emails can be a time-consuming task. This blog post will provide several easy methods to delete all emails in Office 365 quickly and efficiently.

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Why You Need to Delete All Emails in Office 365

There are many reasons why you might want to delete all your emails in Office 365. For example, if you’ve reached your email storage limit, deleting all unwanted emails can free up space and ensure new emails can be received. Another reason may be to eliminate obsolete or outdated data for privacy concerns. Also, emptying your mailbox can give you a fresh start and help you organize your emails better. In any case, deleting all emails in Office 365 can be tedious and time-consuming if done manually.

Method 1: Using Office 365 Retention Policies

Retention policies in Office 365 are designed to manage the lifecycle of documents and emails. With retention policies, you can automatically delete emails based on certain criteria such as age or category. Here are the steps to follow to delete all emails in Office 365 using retention policies:

1. Log in to your Office 365 account
2. Go to the Microsoft 365 compliance center
3. Click on “Retention” then “Policies”
4. Choose the policy settings and scope by defining the criteria that will determine which emails will be deleted.
5. Once done, activate the policy by clicking on “Finish”
6. Wait for the policy to be processed.
7. Check your mailbox again to ensure all unwanted emails have been deleted.

– This method saves you time since emails can be automatically deleted based on specific criteria.
– The policy will keep your mailbox organized, and more efficient since only relevant emails will remain.
– You can choose the scope and settings of the policy that fits your needs.

– Set up is necessary, and it may require some technical knowledge.
– If you are not careful, essential emails may be accidentally deleted.

Method 2: Using Multi-select to delete multiple emails

If you have a small number of emails to delete, you can use multi-select to delete several emails at once. Please follow the steps below:

1. Select the checkboxes of emails you want to delete (you can also use the “shift” key to select multiple emails)
2. Click on “delete” on the ribbon menu to delete all selected emails.
3. After deleting selected emails, repeat the process until all unwanted emails are removed.

– It is easy to understand and execute.
– You can delete a few unwanted emails.
– Saves time compared to deleting each email one by one.

– It can be extremely time-consuming if you have to delete too many emails this way.
– You have to manually select the unwanted emails to delete.

Method 3: Using Power Automate

Power Automate, previously called "Microsoft Flow," is a cloud-based service from Microsoft that enables users to create and automate workflows. It has a wide variety of templates that can be modified to fit your needs, including automating the deletion of unwanted Office 365 emails. Follow the steps below:

1. Go to
2. Click “Use this template” to create a new flow.
3. Select the mailbox that you want the flow to operate on
4. Choose the trigger event “When a new email/gmail arrives,” then click “Create.”
5. Next, select the action event to “Delete email” then click "Save".
6. Press “Run flow” to test and activate your automation.

– This method automates the deletion process, and you don’t have to spend time selecting individual emails manually.
– Users can customize actions for future automatic deletions.

– You must have some knowledge of Power Automate to use this method.
– Some users may have reservations about automation and prefer the manual approach.

What to Do If You Can’t Delete All Emails in Office 365

If you are experiencing any issues deleting all emails in Office 365, try these solutions:

1. Ensure the email account has administrative rights to delete all emails.
2. Check the mailbox has enough space to accommodate any new emails received.
3. Remove any filters or rules that may be hindering email deletion.
4. Restart your computer and try deleting emails again.
5. If all fails, contact Microsoft support for further guidance.

Bonus Tip

Deleting unwanted emails in Office 365 can be an excellent opportunity to set up retention policies that are beneficial to manage your emails in the long term. Retention policies can help you organize your email, avoid unwanted clutter, and give you more control over your mailbox.

5 FAQs

Q1: Can I recover deleted emails in Office 365?

A: Yes, deleted emails can be recovered by following these steps: 1) Navigate to the “Deleted Items” folder on your Office 365 email account 2) Choose the email you would like to restore 3) Choose “Move” and select the folder where you want the email saved to.

Q2: Can I delete my Office 365 mailbox entirely?

A: Yes, your Office 365 mailbox can be deleted entirely. However, this is typically not advisable as it may result in data loss.

Q3: Do deleted emails stay in Office 365?

A: Yes, deleted emails are still recoverable for up to 30 days in your Deleted Items folder before they are permanently deleted.

Q4: What happens to shared mailboxes when deleted?

A: Shared mailboxes cannot be deleted; however, they can be removed or hidden from your account.

Q5: How Do I delete multiple emails on my phone using Office 365?

A: 1) Open your Office 365 email account on your phone 2) Press and hold an email for a few seconds 3) Tap the other emails you want to delete 4) Tap the “Delete” option in the menu that pops up.

Final Thoughts

Deleting all unwanted emails in Office 365 is essential and can enhance efficiency while ensuring a more organized mailbox structure. All the methods focus on automation that saves valuable time, helping you increase productivity and reduce manual efforts. The retention policy is the most effective of all the methods as it offers numerous customizable criteria for selective automatic deletion. With these solutions, you can easily manage and declutter your mailbox to keep your Office 365 accounts clean, organized, and operating efficiently.

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