iOS jailbreaking has been popular for many years. It allows users to access the root file system of their iOS devices and download and install tweaks and modifications to enhance the functionality and appearance of their iOS devices. Cydia is a famous app store for iOS jailbroken devices that allows users to download and install various tweaks. Though jailbreaking has loads of advantages, it can sometimes lead to errors and conflicts between tweaks that can cause your device to become unstable. In such instances, it becomes necessary to eliminate those conflicts by deleting all Cydia tweaks at once. In this blog post, I will guide you on how to delete all Cydia tweaks at once.

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What’s Needed

Before we commence with this guide, you will need:

– A jailbroken iOS device running Cydia.
– A stable internet connection to download the necessary tools.
– iFile installed on your iOS device.
– SSH Access, OpenSSH installed.

What requires your focus?

This guide requires your attention to some specific steps. You will need to be careful and precise when performing the following procedures:

– Avoid skipping any steps; if you leave out a single command or configuration, the process may not work effectively.
– You should also ensure that you have a backup of your device before you begin. This is in case of data loss, unforeseen errors or conflicts.
– Additionally, pay attention to the step-by-step guide so that you can follow the instructions to the letter.

Methods to Delete All Cydia Tweaks At Once

Here are three different methods to delete all Cydia tweaks at once. Each method comes with its own unique approach and some advantages. You can choose to use the method that works best for you.

Method 1: Uninstall All Cydia Tweaks with Cydia Eraser


– It’s a straightforward process.
– It doesn’t require you to use any commands or configurations manually.
– The process takes care of installations errors that may be caused by conflicting tweaks.


– This method may take a lot of time to complete.
– You’ll be required to download a large file that may consume much space and use up cellular data.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch Cydia and navigate to the Cydia eraser.

Step 2: Under the search bar, enter "Cydia Eraser" and select the app from the search results.

Step 3: Tap on the Install button and wait for the app to be downloaded and installed on your device.

Step 4: Once the app has been installed, launch it and tap on ‘erase all data, unjailbreak device.’

Step 5: Wait for the app to complete the process of uninstalling all tweaks from your device.

Method 2: Uninstall All Cydia Tweaks with Filza


– This method is an efficient way to uninstall Cydia tweaks fast.
– It allows you to see all the application data in one place.


– You will need to pay attention to the root file and avoid deleting system files that may cause your device to malfunction.

Here are the Steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch Cydia and install Filza using the search bar.

Step 2: Launch Filza once it’s installed and navigate to /var/mobile/Library/Preferences.

Step 3: Look for the “com.saurik.Cydia.plist” file and delete it. Filza should automatically close itself and restart the springboard once you delete this file.

Step 4: After the springboard has restarted, launch Cydia, go to your sources and check if the packages are installed/installed again.

Method 3: Uninstall All Cydia Tweaks with terminal


– The command-line approach can be more efficient in uninstalling all Cydia tweaks than other methods.


– It requires you to pay attention to details to avoid errors caused by a wrongly entered command.
– It may not be suitable for anyone who is not familiar with UNIX commands.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch Cydia and install NewTerm2 through the search bar.

Step 2: Once installed, launch the NewTerm2 app.

Step 3: You will need to enter your iOS device’s root password. The default password is "alpine." Afterward, enter the command below and press enter:


Step 4: Next, enter the following command:

dpkg –list |grep -i cydia |awk ‘{print $2}’ |xargs sudo dpkg -r

Step 5: Wait for the process to complete. Once done, you can restart your device to confirm that all Cydia tweaks have been removed.

Why Can’t I Delete All Cydia Tweaks at Once?

1. You might encounter conflicting tweaks that cause a malfunction in your device.
2. It is possible that unsupported repositories or packages may have been installed.
3. Many users may not frequently perform system updates, which leads to conflicts between Cydia tweaks.


1. The easiest way to avoid conflicts is to delete all Cydia tweaks installed on your device and reinstall only the ones that you trust. You can use one of the methods above to delete all Cydia tweaks at once.
2. Ensure that you only install packages from trusted repositories.
3. Always update your iOS device and jailbreak tweaks to avoid potential bugs and software conflicts.

Implications and Recommendations

When you delete Cydia tweaks in batches, it can help resolve errors caused by system abnormalities and conflicting tweaks. By doing so, your device should function optimally, just like it did in its previous state. Additionally, it’s also important to keep your Cydia tweaks up-to-date and to install apps from trusted repositories.

5 FAQs

Q1: Will my Cydia be deleted when I delete all Cydia tweaks?

A1: No, Cydia will not be deleted. However, it still may not work properly if there are unresolved issues with installation errors or incompatible tweaks. You can try reinstalling Cydia if this happens.

Q2: Can I still jailbreak my device after deleting Cydia tweaks?

A2: Yes, you can still jailbreak your device even after deleting all tweaks. You only need to reinstall them after re-jailbreaking your device. However, be sure to download the tweaks from a trustworthy repository.

Q3: Will all my data be deleted when I delete Cydia tweaks?

A3: No, only the Cydia tweaks and corresponding data will be deleted. Your device data should remain intact.

Q4: Is there any possibility of data loss when deleting Cydia tweaks?

A4: There is no possibility of data loss when deleting Cydia tweaks, unless you accidentally delete important data. It’s always a good idea to have a backup of your data before attempting any process that could cause data loss.

Q5: Can I use any of the methods above to remove an individual Cydia tweak?

A5: Yes, you can use the same steps to remove an individual Cydia tweak. However, be precise when going through the uninstall process to ensure you only delete the tweak you wish to remove.

In Conclusion

In this blog post, I’ve shown you different methods to delete all Cydia tweaks at once. These steps can help clear conflicts and restore system stability to your iOS device. Always remember to install tweaks from trustworthy repositories, and to keep your Cydia tweaks up-to-date to avoid potential software conflicts.

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