Epic Games is a popular platform for gamers around the world. It has numerous games that allow users to explore, compete and enjoy life. Sometimes, we play games that we no longer enjoy or need on our devices. In certain cases, this leads to stock piling of applications and slower performance. As a result, it’s good to know how to delete a game on Epic Games. This blog will guide you through the detailed steps of how to delete a game on Epic Games on your computer easily.

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What’s Needed

You’ll need a computer and should have already downloaded and installed Epic Games. Also, you should have created an account and downloaded at least one game using Epic Games.

What Should I Pay Attention to?

Before you delete a game on Epic Games, there are a few things to consider:

1. Make sure you want to delete the game: once you delete the game, it cannot be recovered.

2. Don’t delete games in which your data and progress are stored locally: Before deleting any game, ensure your save games are stored in the Epic cloud.

Method 1: Manually Uninstall

Once you’ve decided to uninstall a game that’s installed on your computer, this is what you should do:

Step 1: Launch the Epic Games Launcher App: Double-click on the Epic Games Launcher app on your desktop to open it.

Step 2: Click on "My Library": This is located on the left-hand side of the launcher, under your name.

Step 3: Select the game to uninstall: All the games which have already been downloaded and installed will appear. Choose the game you want to uninstall.

Step 4: Click on the three dots located on the right side: This will bring up a dropdown menu.

Step 5: Select "Uninstall": This is the last option in the dropdown menu.

Step 6: Click "Uninstall" again: This is to verify that you want to delete the game.

Step 7: Wait for The Game to Uninstall: The speed of the process depends on the size of the game.


– It’s a straightforward process.
– You can control the uninstall process.


– If the Epic launcher has issues, it could lead to the game being uninstalled incorrectly or not deleting at all.

Method 2: Remove from Windows Control Panel

Windows users can also uninstall Epic Games using the Control Panel. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Click on the "Start" button: This is located on the left-hand side of the taskbar.

Step 2: Open "Control Panel": In the search bar, search for "Control Panel" and then open the Control Panel window.

Step 3: Click on the "Programs" option: This is located under "Programs and Features."

Step 4: Select the game you want to delete: Here you can see all the applications installed on your computer, including Epic Games.

Step 5: Click "Uninstall": This is located at the top of the program list.

Step 6: Click "Yes": To confirm that you want to delete the game from your computer.


– The utility is already built into Windows.
– Easy to use and manage.


– Games that were not installed through the control panel may not be detected.
– You won’t be able to control the process since Windows takes over the uninstallation.

Method 3: Use a Third-Party Uninstaller Program

If neither of the aforementioned methods works, you could try using a third-party uninstaller. These are applications that are specifically designed to delete any games and leftover data from an uninstallation process. One of these applications is Revo Uninstaller, which functions as follows:

Step 1: Install and Open Revo Uninstaller: Download and install Revo Uninstaller on your PC.

Step 2: Select the Game to Uninstall: From the list of applications, select the game you wish to delete and click the "Uninstall" button.

Step 3: Choose "Advanced Scan": This will find and eliminate any leftover data from the installation process.

Step 4: Click "Scan": Here, the leftover files will be identified.

Step 5: Click "Delete": This action will remove any leftover data from the launcher.


– It removes any leftover registry data and deletes all game traces.
– You have total control over the process.


– There are many third-party uninstallers on the market, and some may be malicious.
– They come with a cost, and therefore, may not be an option for everyone.

Why Can’t I Delete Games on Epic Games?

It’s common to encounter the following problems when trying to delete games on Epic Games:

1. Frozen launcher: Sometimes, the Epic Games Launcher app may get stuck or freeze, and this could affect the uninstallation process.

2. Uninstall button is not clickable: There are instances when the "Uninstall" button is not clickable, and this could prevent you from deleting a game.

3. Lack of permissions: You need to have administrator rights to make changes to an application.


1. Make sure that you’ve already uploaded your saved games to the cloud. This ensures that you keep your achievements and progress safe.

2. Check the control panel program list to see if there are any games that need uninstalling.

3. Using a third-party tool like Revo Uninstaller is a good option when you want to remove all traces of an app.


Q: Do I Need to Backup My Game Progress Before Deleting Games on Epic Games?

A: You need to back up your data when there is a local save device. If the save data is stored in the cloud, then there’s no need to backup.

Q: How Do I Restore a Deleted Game?

A: Once a game has been deleted, it cannot be recovered. You need to redownload the application.

Q: Can I Cancel an App Uninstallation Process?

A: Yes, you can cancel the uninstallation process at any time by clicking on the "Cancel" button.

Q: How Do I Know if a Game has Been Uninstalled Successfully?

A: A successful uninstallation of an app results in the game being removed from the "My Library" section and disappearing from the launch pad section.

Q: How Long Does it Take to Uninstall a Game on Epic Games?

A: The speed of uninstallation depends on the size of the game. Small games take no more than 2-3 minutes to uninstall, while larger games may take up to 30 minutes.


Uninstalling games on Epic Games is very easy. The Epic Games launcher app has made it simple for users to delete games using a few clicks. The control panel in Windows and third-party uninstaller tools are also effective options for you to manage your gaming space. Always make sure your data is backed up before you uninstall any game. Lastly, don’t forget to explore the Frequently Asked Questions section for additional details.

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