Microsoft Word Online is an essential tool for users who want to access, edit, and share their documents online. It provides you with a handy alternative to the desktop version, and you can use it to complete projects and collaborate with teammates from anywhere in the world. However, sometimes, you may end up creating duplicate or unnecessary documents, which take up space on your cloud storage. It’s always a good idea to remove any unnecessary documents, but it’s not always apparent how to do it. In this post, we’ll cover the methods you can use to delete a document in Word Online so that you can free up storage space and have an organized set of files.

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Why You Need to Delete A Document in Word Online

Microsoft Word Online is a cloud-based service that allows you to create, edit, save, and share documents. Over time, your storage space may get crowded, and documents you no longer need may begin to accumulate. Removing the unnecessary files from your library will help you free up some space and keep your documents well organized. Deleting the documents from Word Online is essential for simplifying your file management process.

Method 1: Directly Delete Using The Context Menu via your PC

Deleting a document directly using the context menu is the simplest and most direct method of getting rid of an unnecessary document in Word online. You can use this method if you no longer need the document and wish to remove it from the cloud storage immediately.

  1. Navigate to the Word Online homepage on your PC
  2. Select the document you wish to delete by right-clicking on it
  3. Click on the “Delete” button on the contextual menu that appears
  4. Word Online prompts you to confirm your decision; click “Yes” to delete it


  • It is a simple and straightforward process
  • You can delete documents directly, no extra software is needed or steps are required
  • You can navigate to the homepage and delete several documents in one go


  • You can’t recover the document once deleted as the file goes directly to the recycle bin
  • You may accidentally delete the wrong file, destroying valuable work in the process

Method 2: Delete A Document From The Word Online Document Gallery

You can delete a document in Word Online from the document gallery. This method is most effectively used when you have limited access to storage space or need to delete multiple documents at once. We’ll show you how to delete documents from the Word Online document gallery in this section.

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the login page of Word Online
  2. Select the “Open from One Drive” option
  3. Click on Deleted Documents
  4. Scroll down the list of your deleted documents and select the one you want to restore
  5. Click the “Instantly” button that appears on the Context menu on the right-hand side of the screen to delete the document.


  • Easy to navigate and use
  • You can delete multiple documents at once from your document gallery
  • The deleted files go to the Deleted Documents section, from where you can review and restore them if needed


  • You have to navigate several pages to get to the delete button
  • Requires access to the internet to use the service

Method 3: Use The OneDrive Website To Delete A Document

OneDrive website can provide you with quick access to your Word online documents you can use to sign in and delete the files you don’t need anymore. This method is ideal if you have already closed the Word online window, but you want to delete a file you have previously worked on. Use this method to make sure your documents remain safe and secure.

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the OneDrive web page
  2. Log in to your account using your Microsoft credentials
  3. Locate the document you wish to remove
  4. Click on the checkbox, an options menu appears with the Delete option
  5. Click on Delete
  6. Click on Ok


  • You can delete your documents from any browser using the One Drive web page
  • This method allows you to delete a document without having to access Word Online directly
  • It takes only a few clicks to complete


  • You may need to login to your OneDrive account first
  • OneDrive is an external website, which can interfere with the privacy policy

What to Do If You Can’t Delete A Document in Word Online

Suppose you cannot delete a document using the methods mentioned above, for instance, if a document is open for editing. Then you should try closing the document and then delete it. If the issue persists, it could help to check the document details to see if someone else is editing it.
If you are still unable to delete the document, you can check if you have the necessary permissions to delete it or not. Sometimes, Word Online users may have restricted permissions on a document, during which case, the document owner should change the permissions for you to enable you to delete the document.

Bonus Tip: How to Restore A Deleted Document in Word Online

What if you deleted a document by mistake? Don’t worry; you can restore it by following a few simple steps.

  1. Go to the Word Online homepage
  2. Select the “Open from OneDrive” option
  3. Open the recycle bin folder
  4. Select the deleted document you need to restore and select the “Restore” option

5 FAQs About Deleting A Document in Word Online

Q1. Can I recover a document after deleting it from Word Online?

A1. Yes, you can recover deleted documents from Word Online by navigating to the Recycle Bin folder.

Q2. Why can’t I delete a document from Word Online?

A2. You may not have the necessary permissions to delete the document. Check with the document owner to see if they can change your permissions.

Q3. Can I delete multiple documents at once in Word Online?

A3. Yes, you can delete several documents at once by selecting multiple documents and then clicking the delete button.

Q4. Can I delete documents from Word Online permanently?

A. Yes, you can delete them permanently by navigating to the “Deleted Document” folder on your OneDrive account and selecting delete permanently.

Q5. Can I restore a deleted document to its previous version?

A5. Yes, deleted documents can be restored to their previous versions when you recover them from the Recycle Bin folder.

Final Thoughts

Deleting unnecessary files from your Word Online account is important for maintaining an organized set of files, and efficient storage. As we have seen, there are different ways to delete a document in Word Online. Choose the option that suits you best, and always remember to double-check before deleting any files to avoid accidental loss of valuable documents.

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