As the world continues to grow more digital, smartphones have become an essential tool for communication, entertainment, and work. However, sometimes deleting messages accidentally happens, and it can be frustrating when you need to access important information in them. Fortunately, with the help of modern technology and a few simple tricks, you can recover deleted messages from your Android phone. This article will guide you through some of the best methods for accessing deleted messages on Android phones.

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The Challenge of Accessing Deleted Messages on Android

Android phones offer various options for storing messages, including the internal memory, external memory card, and cloud storage. However, while these options make it easy to access messages, they also make it equally easy to accidentally delete them. When you delete messages from your phone, it is not permanently removed until the storage space they took up is overwritten with new data, which means that you can retrieve them until new data overwrites them. However, with so many options for storing data on your mobile device, accessing deleted messages can be challenging. Fortunately, there are ways to recover deleted messages from Android phones.

Method 1: Google Drive Backup

Before you begin, you have to ensure that your messages have been backed up on Google Drive. This means that you can restore them if they get deleted. However, if you did not have the Google Drive backup feature enabled, this method may not be helpful.

1. Open Google Drive on your Android phone
2. Sign in to your Google account
3. Tap the hamburger menu (three lines) in the top left corner of the screen
4. Scroll down and select "Backups"
5. Find your device and select it
6. Find "SMS Text Messages" and ensure that the bar is turned on
7. If it is not turned on, enable it by sliding the bar to the right
8. Your messages should now be backed up and can be accessed on Google Drive

– Easy to set up
– Automatic backup feature
– Free

– Only works if you enabled backup feature
– Cannot retrieve individual messages
– May not work if backup is outdated

Method 2: Third-Party Recovery Software

If your messages are not backed up on Google Drive, third-party recovery software is another option. These tools are designed to scan your phone’s storage and recover deleted files, including messages.

1. Download and install a third-party recovery software like FoneLab or EaseUS MobiSaver
2. Connect your Android phone to your computer
3. Open the recovery software and select "Messages" from the list of files
4. Follow the on-screen prompts to scan your phone and recover your deleted messages
5. Once the scanning is complete, select the messages you want to recover and export them to your computer

– Can recover individual messages
– Works even if backup is not enabled
– Some software offers a trial version

– Most recovery software is not free
– May require technical expertise
– There is a risk of infecting your computer with malware

Method 3: Local Backup

Android phones have a built-in backup feature that allows you to create local backups of your data. If you had enabled this feature before deleting your messages, you can restore them from a local backup.

1. Connect your Android phone to your computer
2. Open the file manager on your computer
3. Navigate to the backup folder on your Android device
4. Copy the backup file to your computer
5. Open the backup file using a text editor
6. Search for the messages you want to recover
7. Once you find them, copy and past them into a new document
8. Save the new document and import it back to your Android device

– Can retrieve individual messages
– Free

– Only works if backup was enabled
– Can be time-consuming
– Requires technical expertise

Method 4: Contact Service Provider

If all other methods have failed, contacting your service provider may be your last option. Service providers store call logs and text messages data on their servers, and they can retrieve it for you.

1. Contact your service provider’s customer service
2. Ask them to retrieve your deleted messages
3. Provide necessary information such as account information, phone number, and date and time of message deletion
4. Wait for your service provider to retrieve your messages

– All data is centralized with the service provider
– May retrieve messages that you cannot retrieve on your own

– Not all service providers store data
– The process may be time-consuming
– The service provider may charge a fee

Why Failed to Access Deleted Messages on Android Phone?

There are several reasons why you might be unable to access deleted messages on your Android phone:
1. You did not enable the backup feature
2. The backup is outdated
3. The messages were overwritten with new data
4. You are using a third-party messaging app that does not save messages to the cloud or offer backup options

To make sure you can recover deleted messages in the future, consider enabling the backup feature on your phone or using a messaging app that offers backup options.


Q: Can I recover deleted messages without a computer?
A: Yes, there are some recovery apps available on the Google Play store, such as DiskDigger, which allows you to recover deleted messages directly on your Android phone.

Q: Can I recover messages that were deleted a long time ago?
A: It is possible if you have a backup of your messages. If you do not have a backup or the backup is outdated, it might be difficult or impossible to recover messages that were deleted a long time ago.

Q: What happens to my newly received messages after I recover deleted messages?
A: Your newly received messages will be unaffected, and you will be able to access them as usual.

Q: Can I recover deleted messages on any Android phone?
A: Most of the methods described in this article work for any Android phone. However, some phones may have specific requirements, so it is essential to check your phone’s user manual or research specific recovery methods for your phone.

Q: How can I prevent my messages from getting deleted in the first place?
A: The best way to prevent messages from getting deleted is to enable the backup feature on your phone or using a messaging app that offers backup options.

Q: How can I prevent unauthorized access to my recovered deleted messages?
A: You can prevent unauthorized people from accessing your messages by setting up password protection, fingerprint scan, or facial recognition on your phone.


Accidentally deleting messages on your Android phone can be frustrating, but there are various methods to recover them. Whether you used a recovery software, backed up your messages to Google Drive or a local backup, or contacted your service provider for help, it is still essential to back up your messages to prevent future data loss. With the methods discussed above, you no longer have to worry about losing essential messages from your Android phone.

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